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Default Style Familiarity

I love style familiarity, especially how it pushes a character to master multiple styles and acquire obscure styles most of all one of his own coining. That said I've decided to tweak it a bit and I have some questions too

What was the intent of "If the technique he uses with Deceptive Attack or to follow a feint isn't an orthodox part of any of his styles, ignore this effect."? Interpreted fairly literally this would mean techniques that are part of the style but this causes weirdness due to stuff like having a technique for kicking but not punching combined with not all punch heavy styles having targetted attack techniques or there being no effect from having the Feint technique in the style. It would also mean that some styles are a lot more affected by Style Familiarity than others which might make sense though I don't know if the mechanics correspond to styles with reliance on the sort of tricks and tactics Style Familiarity would work most against.

I've decided that you only need overlapping Style Familiarity for styles containing the weapon skill being used to fix The Foot Archery Anomaly.

Allowing non-stylists to buy a style's Style Familiarity does weird things so I've decided to add another perk provisionally named Enemy Style Familiarity to let you treat yourself as knowing two styles for purposes of reducing Deceptive Attack and Feints. For another point you could convert each enemy style to a true Style Familiarity when you qualify.

I wasn't happy with how purchasing a Style Familiarity carried the downside of opening yourself up to reduced Deceptive Attack and Feints which could never technically be recovered while the upside just fell under normal stuff one can do with skill so I decided that anyone with Style Familiarity would receive those benefits against anyone without it and to be generous about letting people buy Style Familiarity for nonformal personal styles.

I've removed the 1 point Claim to Hospitality since there isn't any reason for it to be inbuilt. I don't think Style Familiarity's role as an Unusual Background will be relevant either. Does anyone think I should up Style Familiarity's power to balance out that and if so how would you suggest doing it?

Feel free to comment on any tweaks you've done with Style Familiarity as well.
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