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Default Negative effect stacking.

We came into an issue in our game last night while playing Munchkin Apocalypse. There was a seal out that said The highest level player(s) are -3 in combat. The situation that happened was we had two players tied at highest level and one was helping the other in combat. Would they be -6 because the penalty stacked or would they just be -3.

We also came across something very similar in the zombie game where a monster was +3 against players with no powers. The player fighting him had no powers and the player helping had no powers. So the would monster side get +3 or +6
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Mister Ed
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Default Re: Negative effect stacking.

I don't know that I've seen those specific situations addressed, but generalizing from other rulings, where it is explictly stated that, for example, a Monster that gets +2 against an Elf DOESN'T get +4 against two Elves, I'd say that the same Monster bonus is only applied once, even if two participants in the combat have the same trait. So in your second example, the Monster would only get +3 even though neither player had any powers.

The first case seems different, though, since it is a penalty applied individually to each "hero". I think in that case, the Munchkin side WOULD be -6. I'd think of that as more akin to the -5 for sex-changed characters. It is a penalty applied to characters individually, so two characters with that penalty would each have to deduct it from their personal combat strength.
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Default Re: Negative effect stacking.

In that case, each individual player at highest Level would have a -3 penalty to his combat strength, so, if one helped the other, that would continue to be true, and they'd have a -6 combined penalty. This is not a case of a Monster getting a bonus for a certain type of character being in the combat.
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