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Default choosing to run from combat


I've googled this to no avail (So I hope it's not a duplicate). Anyway here goes.
Say it's my turn and I end up in a fight I can't win.
Someone a lot stronger offers to help me for treasures, and I accept.
Then I discover that badstuff would cripple that stronger player horribly. Can I decide that we should attempt escape and risk the badstuff on the stronger player, even though we could otherwise have won the battle?
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Default Re: choosing to run from combat

I don't think so. A similar situation is discussed here:

What I gather from reading other threads with similar situations (you might want to look into Kneepads of Allure threads, too) is that if your and your helper's combat strength is greater than the monster, then you win. You cannot run away. You can however play one shots and curses (or refrain from using one shots entirely) to change the tide of battle and make the monsters win, but your pal is not going to be very appreciative, especially since he was being generous and went there to help by choice and not because you dragged him there with the Kneepads.

Expect massive retaliation that lasts well past the current gaming session and quite possibly to other games that have no relation to Munchkin at all. And no one who witnessed the betrayal will ever want to help you again for any reason, again lasting well past the current gaming session and potentially forever.

You might want to look here, too:
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Default Re: choosing to run from combat

That's a bit dire. . . Of course, everyone could be reasonable and realize it's just a game, maybe even congratulate you on being sneaky. But, don't push it too hard or you might upset someone. No point on stepping on toes or ruffling feathers of a potential sore loser. The important thing is to know your audience when you're going to pull a fast one.

But, yes, once you're winning, you can't decide to Run Away. You don't automatically win, since you have to give players a reasonable amount of time to stop you, of course. You can, of course, try to make yourself lose if it's that important to you.
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