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Old 04-19-2014, 09:05 PM   #1
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Default Cytillesh Potion Vs. Lily Pollen

Last night me and my roommates where playing munchkins and we got an arguement about a technicality. I was a necromancer and my roommate was fighting a low level monster. A level 1 Potted plant. I used my Reanimation ability to summon the top monster in the discard pile and make it Undead. It was the level 20 Plutonium Dragon. It forced my roommate to get help from another played. Now I wanted to play my card the Cytillesh Potion which can be played during any combat where the main fighter has a helper. This would force the helper to forget he is helping fight and wander off. The issue was some one agreed to help and immediately played the Lily Pollen card, which would make my Undead monster lose interest and walk away... Now as soon as he did that I played my card to make him forget he is helping and wander off. But we got in an argument because the Lily Pollen card was played already, even with out giving me the 2.6 seconds to play my card. 2 of them where arguing that the Lilly Pollen card was already played and there for it made the high level monster already loose interest. The other half of us said that they did not give me any time at all to play my card and that by playing that card the helper who played the Lily Pollen card would forget he is fighting and wander off still leaving the high level monster behind still needing to be killed.

My two questions are in that scenario who was right? Was it to late for me to play my Cytillesh Potion because of the Lily Pollen? Also in the case that the helper wanders off does any of his one shot items, like the potion of Lily Pollen, that where played return to his hand or are they used up?

Any help would be greatly appreciated
Thank you.
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Andrew Hackard
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Default Re: Cytillesh Potion Vs. Lily Pollen

As I understand the sequence of events:
  1. Player A is fighting the Potted Plant.
  2. Player X (you) decide to make the combat harder, and reanimate the Plutonium Dragon as Undead, adding it to the fight.
  3. Player A asks Player B to help, and B agrees.
  4. Player B plays Lily Pollen, making the (Undead) Plutonium Dragon go away.
  5. Player X (you) protests, because you intended to play the Cytellish Potion to force player B to wander off and player A to fight the monsters alone.

Assuming that I have the above sequence correct, there was no misplay. The ONLY time the munchkin fighting a monster is required to give the other players a reasonable time to respond is when he declares that he is winning the fight. There is nothing wrong with Player B joining the fight and immediately playing his Lily Pollen card. (There would have been nothing wrong with Player B playing his card without joining the fight, in fact, but I can see where he was using it as leverage.)

If you played your Cytellish Potion anyway, it would not reverse any of the events of the combat up until then, except that Player B would no longer be helping, and if Player A won he would no longer be required to reveal his Treasures.
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Old 04-19-2014, 09:30 PM   #3
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Default Re: Cytillesh Potion Vs. Lily Pollen

Cards are resolved as they are played. The helper's card hit the table first, his counts first. There are no kind of crazy timing rules, or a stack in Munchkin, and the "2.6 second" rule doesn't apply to every single action. The only time that you have to give people a reasonable amount of time to do something is when it comes to declaring victory in combat.

So, the situation you described goes like this: Player A is in combat with two Monster, one of which is Undead. Player A gets Player B to help, and he immediately plays a card which dismisses the Undead Monster. The munchkin side is now winning, so now they have to give everyone else a reasonable amount of time to find a way to stop them. Removing the helper is clearly not a worthwhile exercise at this point, so you might as well hold on to your Cytillesh Potion, unless you, or someone else, can wander in a Monster that they can't beat, or can play enough Monster Enhancers to make the Potted Plant that much harder to beat.
Erik D. Zane
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Default Re: Cytillesh Potion Vs. Lily Pollen

Thank You for the clarification. I appreciate it.
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cytillesh, lily, pollen, potion, reanimation

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