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Default Friendship Potion and defeated monsters - outcome dependent on order of events?

I know that questions about the Friendship Potion have been done to death, but I'm still not clear on how treasures should be handled when a monster has been defeated prior to the potion being played. There are two scenarios:

Scenario 1: There is one monster in combat. Through some means (Pollymorph Potion, wizard's Charm, Friendly or Dead, class/race-specific defeat conditions like the Amazon's or the Plague Rats') it is defeated immediately, but without ending the combat. A new monster is Wandered in, and then the Friendship Potion is played.

Scenario 2: There are multiple monsters in combat. One (or more than one, but not all) of them are defeated immediately. Then the Friendship Potion is played.

Here Andrew rules that in Scenario 1 the player receives treasure from the original monster, but not from any still in combat when the potion is played. However, on the next page from that thread he specifically notes the distinction between the two scenarios, and does not provide a concrete ruling on the second.

In a slightly more recent thread, Erik reasserts the ruling that
You get to keep the Treasures from a monster that was removed by Pollymorph Potion (or a charm spell, or some similar Monster removal mechanism that leaves Treasure behind), but nothing from any of the Monsters still in combat when Friendship Potion was played.
but this time the ruling applied to Scenario 2, and Erik did not touch on Scenario 1.

Finally, Andrew here asserts that the player receives no treasures at all, but then defers to Erik's previous ruling.

So ultimately we have a few questions:
a) Is Erik's ruling still the official stance, or has a final ruling been made by Steve?
b) Does Erik's ruling apply to both Scenario 1 and Scenario 2, or does the outcome depend on whether the defeated monster was so defeated while it was the only monster present in combat?
c) Does the player still get to Loot the Room as per the Friendship Potion, even if he is also receiving treasure for monsters defeated prior to the potion's use?
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Default Re: Friendship Potion and defeated monsters - outcome dependent on order of events?

Actually, the last post you linked to Andrew commented to stick with a prior decision by MunchkinMan while they discussed it. Just scroll down and look at the third and fourth comments.
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