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Default Sequence of Actions During Your Turn

I just received Munchkins Apocalypse for Christmas and while playing last night ran into an issue over how to interpret the rules as to when you can/can't do certain things in your turn. Yes, I have read the FAQ and searched the forums and haven't found my questions answered satisfactorily.


When can you sell items in exchange for levels? I believe prior to beginning Phase 1 of your turn, my wife says at any time during your turn (other than combat). [specifically, she wanted to sell items during Charity]

In the 'Selling Items for Levels' section of the rules it states "During your turn, you may discard items worth at least 1,000 Gold Pieces and immediately go up one level." However, previously, in the 'Turn Phases' section it states "At the start of your turn, you may play cards, switch Items....[yadda, yadda, yadda]...and sell Items for levels. When your cards are arranged the way you want, go to Phase 1." Based on those descriptions, I believe that 'selling during your turn' means you sell items only during the 'start' of your turn, prior to kicking down a door in Phase 1.

Additionally, I think one may not sell items for levels during Charity because the rules for the Charity phase state you must play cards to get down to five in your hand, whereas the action to 'sell items for levels' is described as discarding---clearly separate and distinct from playing a card.

What are the thoughts of the Munchkin community? Can items be sold for levels at any time during your turn? Or am I being too literal?
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Default Re: Sequence of Actions During Your Turn

Items can be sold at any time during your turn provided you aren't in combat. The section in the rules stating you can sell them prior to Phase 1 is simply giving you options of what you CAN do prior to kicking down the door, not when you MUST do those things.

Also, the Charity phase does not happen until the literal very end of your turn, after you have exhausted any other ways to get rid of cards in your hand (playing curses, selling items, discarding your current race/class/thingie to change to a new one, playing items onto the table to carry, etc.). If, after you have done these things (if you want), you still have too many cards in your hand, you then give the appropriate excess cards to the lowest level player, or discard them if YOU are the lowest level player.

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Andrew Hackard
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Default Re: Sequence of Actions During Your Turn

DoomedDuck is correct. (The Munchkin Pathfinder rules have a box at the top of page 2 that summarizes what can be done when.)
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Default Re: Sequence of Actions During Your Turn

Andrew & DoomedDuck, thank you for your help. I will now head back to the gaming table to let my wife tell me "I told you so."

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charity, levels, phase, selling, turn sequence

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