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Default Re: limitations and basic attributes?

Aren't those the goats that are put there by their herders to graze on the trees?

I.e they clamber about in the tree reasonably well, but couldn't get from the ground to the branches

Originally Posted by Walrus View Post
As you can see, their climbing might suffer more from being Horizontal rather then having No Fine Manipulators. And even that doesn't hurt much.
I think no one would say goats aren't good climbers, for horizontal animals with no fine manipulators, but when you look art animals who have fine manipulators and who are also good climbers (monkeys, apes, lemurs, some marsupial's etc, etc) its very different.

Cats also are as you say very good climbers but's that's more to do with being very good jumpers and clingers due to their claws. Although that said most cat's can support their own weight with their claws so can scramble up trees etc. (some can take prey up as well).

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Default Re: limitations and basic attributes?

Originally Posted by lexington View Post

I've never seen a goat climb a tree or scale a wall.
Goats will, however, scale vertical surfaces; they are well-adapted for climbing, with spreadable cloven hooves, traction pads, and dewclaws. In GURPS terms, they would have No Fine Manipulators yet qualify for a racial climbing bonus. Cats (all kinds, not just housecats) truly climb using claws; if you've ever had a kitten, you'll know that they go straight up porous walls, and leopards will do the same with stone faces, given half a chance. I do not think that No Fine Manipulators affects Climbing much – it just removes the option of using tools. Granted, there are certainly creatures with NFM and Incompetence (Climbing), but the second is something that can and often is justified by the first, not part of it; it's a correlation/causation issue.

I'm making no claims for this site, but it does illustrate that there's a fair range out there.
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attributes, limitations

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