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Default Munchkin Legends "Gift from the Gods" card?

Hey guys. I'm relativity new, but pretty understanding, to Munchkin. There is a card in Munchkin Legends labeled "Gift from the Gods" stating "If you draw this card face up, draw three more face-up Treasures immediately and discard it. Otherwise, you may play at any time to draw three face-up Treasures."

An argument about the wording of the card occurred during gameplay this evening.

When would you draw treasures face up other than with the Rod of Dowsing or something similar?
Is this card allowing one to draw from the face-up discard pile? If so, why does it not say face-up DISCARD pile and is it the top three face-up cards or players choice?
Is the owner of the card supposed to draw three treasure card from the deck, but show them as they are drawn?

This is also a question for the "Hoard" card in the original Munchkin, instructing player to draw three treasures face down if "Hoard" card is drawn face down, otherwise draw them face up.

Basically, does "face-up" refer to the discard pile or draw from the Treasure stack but show your loot?
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Default Re: Munchkin Legends "Gift from the Gods" card?

Unless a card specifically says to draw from the discard pile, it means to draw from the respective deck. A player would draw a face-up treasure (from the treasure pile, not the discards) when a card specifically tells you to or when you win a combat with a helper (Page 3 of the rules under "Treasure"). In that case, every treasure is drawn and flipped face up for everyone to see. So, if you acquire Gift from the Gods in this manner, you would immediately discard it and draw 3 more face-up treasures.
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Default Re: Munchkin Legends "Gift from the Gods" card?

If you have a helper in a combat, then you must draw the Treasure cards face-up, even if the helper didn't ask for reward. In this case, the three new Treasures are added to the set of cards from which the helper is allowed to choose (and the deal doesn't change even though there is now more Treasure, unless both players agree to change the deal).

It does not let you draw from the discards when you otherwise could not.

When you draw it face-up, you immediately discard it and draw three other cards from the deck. You treat these new cards in the same way you would have treated the original card. This is why the Treasures go into the pool for distribution between you and your partner when drawn due to winning a combat.

And yes, it is exactly the same as Hoard! except that you do not need to play it immediately if you draw it face-down.

Edit: Hmm, took me a little time to write this on up and got beaten, but I think the expanded information could still help...
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