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Default Re: [Basic] RoF and Random Location

Originally Posted by Kromm View Post
For simplicity's sake, if you actually select a hit location and attack at its penalty – rather than leave the matter to chance – then all hits strike that body part. Somebody aiming at, say, the skull is already rolling at -7, which will mean seven fewer hits at Rcl 1, three fewer hits at Rcl 2, two fewer hits at Rcl 3, etc.; that limits how unrealistic this ruling will seem in actual play. On a less meta level, the shooter is "aiming high" rather than spraying and praying, so it only makes sense that he hits high.

The more realistic alternative would be to develop location-specific tables and use them for all hits after the first . . . because there will always be some scatter, but if you're shooting for a foot or the face, the fact that you're aiming low or high should make a difference. In that case, if you opt not to pick a location, you waive the right to use those tables, because you aren't actually shooting CM, high, low, left, right, etc. but are spraying and praying. However, such tables would add undue complexity, especially when you consider that each body layout would need its own full set.
Thank you again!
Location-specific tables: I've owned a couple of games like that - multiple charts or sheets of postures with targeting overlays. They always look fun/ cool and work fairly well, but then you realise how restricting they can be, and you can have too much detail (a mistake I keep making).
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Default Re: [Basic] RoF and Random Location

Back in 3rd ed we played around a lot with House Ruled to-hit mechanics, and once someone found a fancy hit location charts using first 1d for the Region and 3d for the Location we went crazy. Or actually a roll of 4d with one of them a different colour.

So, for a relatively low penalty you could go for a Region (Head, Center-Mass, Upper Body, Lower Body, Specific Arm, or Legs) but had to risk rolling a poor Location. E.g. Head Region also covered shoulders and upper chest, at the extreme end of the table.

Or you could go for the fulll penalty and just go for a specific Location.

We then made lots of extra house rules that unarmed punches tend to go for the head/upper body at that it shouldn't be too hard to hit. And kicks to the lower body. And we had high skill people who had too easy a time hitting Vitals every time. So we ruled that Unarmed could only target Regions, but a a penalty reduced by 1.
And - as I come to my point in this thread - subsequent hits in autofire would scatter within the Region.
So an Aimed shot at a specific Location would hit this place, and the rest would hit elsewhere i the Region.
And Unaimed shots would roll first Region then Location for the first shot, the rest would scatter to other Locations within the Region.
And finally that shotgun shotshells would roll a Location and the dice of damage would distribute to this and the neighbouring locations.
Playing GURPS since '90, is now fluent in 4th ed as well.
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basic set, hit location, ranged combat

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