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Default Allowing all to get Racial Talents when that race doesn't exist in the World

I make liberal use of PU3 Talents when randomly making characters that will probably never see the light of day. Included in there are some Racial Talents. If you have no plans to ever use the specific race in your game, would you open up those talents to everyone to potentially use? If so, would you require anything special to be able to use them such as an Unusual Background or a Perk?

I ask because many of these fit concepts well: The Eleven one can fit any sort of Human Ranger or Druid character. The Dwarven one could fit a Miner character. The Unseelie can fit certain Thief characters. etc
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Kelly Pedersen
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Default Re: Allowing all to get Racial Talents when that race doesn't exist in the World

I think the racial Talents are balanced against other Talents - they don't give bonuses to more skills or better one just because they're limited to certain races. So I probably wouldn't charge an Unusual Background tax on taking them.

The difference, I think, between the racial and the other Talents is that most Talents have a unifying theme: Business Acumen is "you're good at business stuff", Born to be Wired is "you're adept at computers", and so on. The racial Talents, on the other hand, have a slightly different focus. Rather than being good at some activity or profession, they're basically about being "a good [race]". As a result, I think they've got a bit broader spread of skills covered. Take Strangler, for instance. It includes Brawling, Stealth, Tracking, and Wrestling. Brawling and Wrestling fit together pretty well, but why does being good at those suggest being good at sneaking around or tracking people down? If you allow anyone to take the racial Talents, you may have players asking why they can't create custom Talents with just as much thematic breadth. I'd suggest carefully curating which racial Talents you allow, and maybe changing some of the skills available to some of them.
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