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Default Post nuke Alaska

Hello everyone!

I'm making a campaign in Alaska after WWIII and I'm looking at a few things that I could use for it.

So basically, aside from the fuel production facilities, I start with the assumption that Alaska was not hit that hard by the warheads.

Then, there is the fact that Alaska's gun laws make it easier than in a lot of other states to get guns, but gathering food would be harder than in warmer climate, so instead of being hit hard by the warheads, Alaska was hit hard by the social collapse.

I'm using an actual road map of Alaska that the PCs have access to In-Character, but I would welcome if someone has more knowledge of Alaska than I do could indicate the "good spots" of Alaska (more food than other places, or easily defended places for urban centers with a start of economic production beyond simple survivalist activities), and the "bad spots" (hard to defend places, hard to find food, and the places most likely to have been hit by the warheads, the fallout, and other spots best avoided because of post nuke hazards).

Thanks a bunch.
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Default Re: Post nuke Alaska

Fishing is usually a very important food source in cold areas with a coast. If industrialised fishing is gone in the wake of the war fish should be plentiful for local fishers, though it might be radioactive. :)
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Default Re: Post nuke Alaska

Okay, so if I get this right, I can expect new settlements to be made alongside coasts for fishing, with whatever (salvaged or newly built) boats available used for fishing? That's a good thing to know.

What about ethanol/biodiesel/gasifiers? Where could I expect prewar boats retrofitted with these kind of engines for fishing and where would be good places for newly build Age of Sail type of fishing boats?

What kind of psychoactive chemicals could local raider bands/local junkies be high as a kite on? Alcohol is universal in that regard, but what else could raiders/junkies use to get high?

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Irish Wolf
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Default Re: Post nuke Alaska

The northern reaches might have been hit, both to destroy the DEW Line and to deny access to the oil fields around Point Barrow. Also, Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson and the neighboring (in fact, nearly attached) city of Anchorage might well have taken a few nukes. I doubt they'd have targeted any other major cities in Alaska, though - no real strategic reason to do so.
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