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Old 06-14-2013, 11:57 AM   #1
El Mariachi
Join Date: Jun 2013
Default Rules re: Ogre weapons systems

Found my little black boxes recently, haven’t played in a looong time… This is a pretty basic question, but do Ogres get one attack per weapons system or one per weapons system “hit point?” That is, does an undamaged Mark V get two main battery attacks per turn or one?

Also, for the non-missile-rack-having variants, is there a limit (aside from available inventory) to how many missiles can be fired in one turn? Could a Mark V unload all six missiles at once?
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Default Re: Rules re: Ogre weapons systems

A Mark V has two main batteries, and it gets one attack per unchecked box in its list of main batteries. Thus, an undamaged Mark V gets two shots from its main batteries. In the terms you used, it's per hit point, but it's really that each hit point represents an instance of that kind of weapon system rather than hit points on a single weapon system.
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Default Re: Rules re: Ogre weapons systems

There is no longer a limit to the amount of missiles an Ogre can fire per turn. There used to be a limit of two per turn many, many years ago, but I think that was only in the First Edition. Salvo all six of em!

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Default Re: Rules re: Ogre weapons systems

Originally Posted by eltf177 View Post
Actually it was only one per turn, and it was the first edition (the second and later editions dropped this).

Other issues with the first edition was that GEV's were M4/4 instead of 4/3 while Heavy Tanks were only M2...
And GEVs were half as expensive as Hvys.

Those were the days of fuzzy.
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