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Default Simple question

Can two people win the game together as through one helping the other, killing a monster, and both gaining a level to move to ten? We did last night in a game and was wondering if this is an acceptable thing to do if both parties agree, and the other players can not stop them. It does make for a fun finish. I believe I saw it on tv, "Table Top", where they discussed this possibility, but then did not finish the game that way. Steve Jackson was there I believe. Thanks
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Andrew Hackard
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Default Re: Simple question

Originally Posted by Gamer617 View Post
Can two people win the game together as through one helping the other, killing a monster, and both gaining a level to move to ten?
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Mister Ed
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Default Re: Simple question

Yup, presuming the helper has a legal way to gain a level from the combat (the helper being an Elf is probably the most common), then they can certainly both get to Level 10 at the same time and share the win.

The helper has to have that legal method of gaining a level from the combat, though. Ordinarily only the person whose combat it is gets levels, and you can't just offer levels to somebody to get them to help.

EDIT: That's what I get for taking too long to type and post a response. Scooped by the master. Still, in my longwindedness, I may have possibly clarified the situation a bit. I can always hope. ;-)

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Old 04-23-2013, 06:41 PM   #4
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Default Re: Simple question

What if the person's turn is level 8, fighting a 2 level rewarding monster and a level 9 elf helps? - They slay it.
Do they win the game together?
Does the elf only win since he or she leveled to 10 "first"?

(Also an elf assisting a two level giving monster only gets one level right?)
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Default Re: Simple question

If the same event causes two players to go to Level 10 at the same time, then they win together. There is no difference in timing between an Elf receiving their level/s and the combat owner receiving theirs and you get all the levels at once, so these situations will always lead to both players winning if they qualify. Also, before you ask, you can't go above Level 10, so even if both players (the helper being an Elf) are Level 9 and they are fighting a 2-level monster, then both still end up at Level 10 and win (with the extra level wasted).

An Elf goes up one level for each monster it helps kill. Thus, it only gets one level for a 2-level monster, but if the munchkins kill two different monsters in the same combat, the Elf goes up two levels.
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Default Re: Simple question

In your example they would still share the victory since they both got to level 10 at the same time. Also an elf gets 1 level per monster they help kill, so if there were 5 monsters in the combat, the elf would gain 5 levels. This has happened in my games when people aren't paying attention to who's an elf.

Edit: I see I typed too slow
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