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Default Re: Slam and Shield Rush rules broken!

Originally Posted by Tuk the Weekah View Post
My main point is that the rule as written does not simulate the reality of most situations in which the rule would be used.
As pointed out, a Slam in GURPS is an impact for damage. If you want to just impart momentum to shove them around or knock them down, you probably want a Push instead. A Push, a Slam, and even a normal strike all involve a similar number of rolls: There is the attacker's roll to hit, the defender's defense roll, a damage roll (For which the target has no influence barring things like Luck), and possibly some further rolls to determine further effects. It's kind of silly to consider damage as one of those rolls when it's used to determine an effect, but not consider damage as one of those rolls when the point of the attack is to cause damage.

Actually, Slam can involve an extra roll, though considering its typically low damage it'll usually end up the same. However, that extra roll is another chance to fail, not another chance to avoid the effect. While a normal strike could have knockdown from stunning or knockdown from being knocked back, a Slam also has a chance to knockdown from the initial comparison of damage.

Originally Posted by vicky_molokh View Post
Speaking of which, can one execute a Push attack as a 'charge', getting the usual slam damage plus weapon modifier?
Sure, though you'd presumably have the usual Move and Attack penalties.

Although judging by Youtube videos, carrying a large exercise ball to Slam with would probably count as effectively a "dkb no wound" attack too (For both parties).
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