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Default Re: Unmunchkinly conduct

Originally Posted by Andrew Hackard View Post
"Character Creation" comes before "Starting and Finishing the Game" in the rules. The character creation step, where players can play their starting cards, is therefore before the game technically begins. Letter of the rules aside, I'm officially ruling (for a second time) that playing Curses on players who are still looking over their starting cards and deciding what to play is a Dick Move and not allowed.
Wow, played this one right for years. The creation phase was the "immune to curse and bad stuff" stage of the game. It allows the new folks to watch and learn the experienced players to show them what you can and cannot do. Thank you for making if official.

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Default Re: Unmunchkinly conduct

Originally Posted by SnakeChips View Post
So to me it is legit unless its stated in the rules(rewriting for all new sets to state this) or I hear from steve himself on this ruling. Because like I said, game has started and curse can be played anytime. Nothing againt you, just my thoughts on it.
Andrew, myself, and Andrew's minion are here to give the official rulings for this forum. It's as good as hearing from Steve. Denying our authority on the subject at hand is something against us. This will be the last word on the topic.
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Closed Thread

curse, rules, unicorn steed

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