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Default Cheat Pink Slip while in combat?


This came up in a game of Zombies last night. A player playing a Plauge Zombie is in combat a losing by a small margin. She has in play unable to use the claws of the Radioactive zombie. She also had the Cheat Pink slip. Could she play the cheat slip on the claws after combat has started? Would that count as equiping considering the claws had already been played but were not in use? What happens to the claws? The cheat says the item can be used once, does that mean the claws would be discarded after combat or just go back to being unusable?


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Default Re: Cheat Pink Slip while in combat?

By the Claws, I assume you mean the Glowing Talons, which are usable by Atomic Zombies only. If that's the case, I'd say this is an illegal play.

Cheat! whether it is played via a card, or via the pink slips obtained via the capsule machines, only allows you to carry and use an Item you couldn't use otherwise. It does not allow you to change its position from used to unused or vice versa. I'm fairly sure it doesn't allow you to play an Item when you otherwise couldn't as well. As you cannot play an Item nor switch an Item from unused to used during combat, Cheat! won't help you in the situation described.

As for the question of what to do with the Item if you did legally use the slip, I'd say you keep it on the table provided it is legal for you to have the Item (turning it sideways to be unused if necessary, of course).
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