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Default A simplified teaching method for introducing new players

I love bringing new games to holiday parties and family events, and I know that this game will go over well with my friends/family however they can be the type to give up on something that they deem has "too many rules" which honestly means if they aren't playing in 5 minutes of opening the box for the first time, the game is too complicated.

I was wondering, have any players out there have come up with a way to teach while playing when introducing a whole new group to this game? I figured a quick game to level 5, with open hands and table talk to help explain the basics would be a good start, though even this may seem overwhelming at first... Has anyone come up with an easy way to start with base "bare bones" rules to get people into the flow of the phases then introduce the more underhanded fun elements in an order that makes sense, and helps players ease into the full cut-throat aspect of what it means to "BE" a munchkin?
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Default Re: A simplified teaching method for introducing new players

I find the Marked for Death demo to be a great way to teach the game. You pick two of the players and read through the script, which explains most of the rules, so there's only a handful of extra ones you need to explain afterwards, like how to Run Away. I often find the players and spectators really pick things up well and are quite eager to play after this.

Marked for Death is now out of print, so if you can't get your hands on it, there's also the Rigged Demo, which you can either print out and keep separate, or construct the decks by pulling them out of the base Fantasy deck.

As for the rest of the game, it really is best to just learn while playing. Let people know to read their cards and to ask questions if they are ever confused by a card. Let them take their cards back if they make a mistake or play a card at the wrong time.

Oh, and for teaching players a new theme of Munchkin, use my Rules Checklist (linked in my sig). It reminds which rules are specific to the set or sets you are playing, so you can fill them in on what's new.
My unofficial, but comprehensive Flowcharts: Munchkin: A4 Letter; Munchkin Quest: A4 Letter
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Default Re: A simplified teaching method for introducing new players

The scripted Rigged Demo seems like an interesting idea, but comes across as more of a sales campaign for gaming stores to get people excited about the game. Not quite what I had in mind though..

I'm new to the game my self, but have trolled enough forums and read through as many of the rules and updated rules as I could find, so I feel comfortable with my ability to direct a small group of first time players. I'm going to work on a way to ease newbies into the more complex dynamics of the game and will update what I find to work, and what seems to confuse/frustrate new players in the beginning.

I have a family function tomorrow and should be able to get 3 or 4 victims to help me hash this out... Wish me luck!
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Default Re: A simplified teaching method for introducing new players

Honestly, the easiest way for me it to play in small groups 3-4 players, and go slow, with a base set only. Take your time and try not to win, as much as learn. Then start the backstabbing and throat slitting, once your comfortable playing.

Remember, the more cards, the more players, the more difficult it is.

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