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Default Defining Hearts

I'd just like to clarify what exactly a Heart does. Please feel free to add what non-canon material you wish.

A Heart is a Parachute. If you die, it will rescue you from Limbo and drag your butt back to H/H where you can navel gaze while you heal from 'whatever'. (Never heard any explanation of Trauma except 'it is')

A Heart can also provide...someone...with a link to you so they can keep watch (?) and locate the Servitor. I'm a little chary on this point, because if you need to touch the Heart to 'peep', it seems that Hellish Hearts can only be manipulated by a Superior.

---Onto that last point: Does the Heart provide enough of a locus that he can just gather a large number of Calabim and teleport them directly to the demon? If true, the whole 'watching' and 'teleporting' thing forces the demons (and angels) to have to toe the line a lot harder...which makes the game a lot less fun, but makes The Game a lot more effective.

A Superior holding a Heart can inflict Dissonance and Discord on the Celestial. OUCH! If there isn't an upper limit, a wayward Celestial can quickly find itself stigmatic, blind, deaf, with pustulant sores covering their entire bodies. Yuck! Is there any upper limit on this? None shown.

That is all I can think of in the abilities of a Heart.


Are Hearts pieces of a Celestial's soul?
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Old 12-08-2012, 12:57 AM   #2
Matthias Wasser
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Default Re: Defining Hearts

Hearts are mobile, semi-intelligent, and while not omniscient, know everything their owners know and tend to have extremely good hunches. An angel's Heart travels where it thinks Heaven needs it, a demon's where it thinks will benefit the demon. As an angel acquires dissonance, its heart grows increasingly concerned with its owner's pesonal interests as distinct from those of the Symphony as a whole.

Hearts have personalities that reflect in some ways those of their owners, but are not wedded to them. They tend to have a sense of humor. They don't move when anybody's looking, and they generally don't find their way into secure locations where they're not wanted (though exceptions have occurred.) They come into being and out of being when their owners do, for they are indeed a part of them. Shatter one and it appears somewhere else. They have been known to shatter independently.

Heaven and Hell are very, very big, and while usually a Heart will just take you to where minions are expected to show up, they may take you to very strange places indeed.
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celestials, hearts

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