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Default A Non Canon Habbalah

Version One

"What's a Habbalah?" Andrea the Mummy asked.

Curtis looked up from where he was using the sulphur sprinkler to 'add flavor' to his Coke. "Habbalah are crazy demons."

"Oh? How do you tell?"

"Har dee har har! I'll admit that there's a...trace of what you would call mental problems in the Horde. But this goes beyond that."

"How?" She was intrigued and let the 'trace' comment go.

"They think they're angels."

"Excuse me?" There was a little niggle in the pit of her stomach.

"They think that God, for whatever twisted, convoluted reason, put them in Hell. They think they're his spies. Or that they run the Hell Re-education Camp for the Rehabilitation of Demons and Damned. That was a funny one. Or that they are a Fifth Column inside Hell, attacking it from the inside. It's in insidious insanity."

"Are you...serious...?" The niggle had turned into a worm. "How how did that happen?"

"Well, you don't go from being Lords of Creation to lying in a gutter in Hell without something snapping. not a nice place. Some people snap. Some people can't stand to lose. Some people are big on denial. Habbalah with their evasions, denials and rationalizations reminds me a lot of humans" The Impudite grinned at the pale woman.

"What do you do with them?"

"Well, when we find them, we usually try to kill them. But the thing is you usually don't even know what they are until you can dig into their philosophy or they let something slip. The ones who survive are powerful and sneaky. I'll tell you one thing about them, they are just WONDERS at hiring Hellsworn and Minions."

"Wait...what? HOW?"

"Oh, they find some idiot who is faithful or had a brush with the supernatural and they present themselves as an Angel of the Host, with whiz and bang to impress them. Then they start going on about paying for their sins and how they need to earn their way to Heaven by working with demons from the don't look so good. What's wrong?"

"Excuse me!" Andrea ran off to the bathroom, wishing she could vomit.


It seems a bit odd that ONLY one Choir has that trace of insanity. So this breaks the two characteristics of the Habbalah into Two.

On the one hand, you have the Habbalah: Scourge of Hell. They are Fallen Elohim, with the emotional control and sadism we all know and hate in that ilk. Their primary motivation goes from 'Testing the Weak Humans to destruction' to 'hating mankind.' No objectivity but in a realistic fashion

Then there is The Choosen. They are insane demons of any Band who has this mental discord.

I did this for two reasons. First, I can't justify in my mind why a DP would make more Habbalah, because they are trouble waiting to happen and if they ARE put down in higher numbers like the DPG says, that is a waste of Forces.

Second, it gives more scope of powers and a subversive element inside of Hell...and allowing the Demons to not know if their opposition is Angelic or 'Angelic' .

When is the Host not the Host? When it's a Habbalah.
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Default Re: A Non Canon Habbalah

I like it! *swipe!*
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habbalah, heretical

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