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Default Pyramid summaries on Warehouse23

Although I guess it's been this way for almost two years, could you please bring back the more complete summaries of Pyramid issues? For issues of Pyramid #3/1 through Pyramid #3/93 the summaries are presented as a bulleted list with a brief description of each article. From Pyramid #3/94 onwards, each issue is summarized by a short paragraph that is often quite vague. This makes it more difficult to shop for back issues that may fit my needs.

The only reason I can think of for the switch in the first place is that the more recent summaries may take less effort to prepare, but there is a convenience factor for the customer that may generate more sales. Trying to find the announcement in the forums for each magazine can be time-consuming, having it in the catalogue listing means it's right there.

My two cents, thanks!
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Default Re: Pyramid summaries on Warehouse23

Even though I've been subscribed going back to Pyramid 2 (Web based) days, I say "hear hear."

At tell very least, remind customers they can download a preview and I think it includes the summaries. But that's an extra barrier to buying, the customers who aren't captured by the paragraph enough to download the preview.
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