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Default Re: ULTRATECH guass weapon system design rules?

Bronze possesses the lowest friction coefficient of any metallic alloy so,
There probably a ceramic that would do both better.
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Default Re: ULTRATECH guass weapon system design rules?

So I played around with GUNS! GUNS! GUNS! to create what I hoped would be a good analog example of the 7mm Sniper gauss rifle. I used GGG tech level 14, which is analogous to 2200 AD give or take.

The design goal was to attain 13d6+1 damage using a 10:1 length/diameter aspect (ie a fin stabilized dart).

Net result?

Semi-automatic Rifle, firing a 7mm steel dart, weighing 281.33 grains (18.23 grams)
Muzzle velocity: 3613.71 feet per second (1101.46 meters per second)
Damage 13d6+1
1/2 damage range (yds): 1746
Max Range (yds): 11428
Muzzle Energy: 11,000 Joules

uses 31,900 joules per shot. Magazine battery holds 319,000 joules for a total of 10 shots. Magazine itself holds both the battery and 10 rounds.

1/2 damage: 1746 Max Range: 11428

Base weight: 16.39 lbs
Weight without magazine: 15.03 lbs

Cost in "credits" per GGG: 3,160

Contrast this with the Gauss Sniper Railgun in GURPS ULTRATECH page 142 at $18,000, weighing 20 lbs, RoF 1, damage 6d*2(3) 1/2 damage 2400, max range 10,000 yards.

Yes, both systems produce different results to be sure. The difference being, the one system has a design sequence that can be followed to create different caliber weapons - while the other one we can't modify or use to our heart's content.

Note that I did not strictly use the GGG's damage conversion rules or the 1/2 damage rules etc. Those I got strictly using the spreadsheet from Doug Cole where the bullet weight, muzzle velocity, aspect ratio and bullet diameter is all that is required to determine damage, 1/2 damage range, max range, etc. What I used the GGG rules for was the physical aspects of the gun itself. I think the next thing to do is determine what the GURPS Powercell stats would be in the GGG set up and work from there.

I'm still working on Accuracy values for the weapons, but in GGG, the author used the following categories for his range classes, they should be a good fit for GURPS somewhere along the way...

Snub-nosed pistols



Rifles (maximum for shoulder-fired)

Light cannon (small autocannon)

Medium cannon (tank guns)

Heavy cannon (artillery)

Superheavy cannon (siege guns)

Still more work to go to be sure, but at least it seems like it might work.
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