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Moe Lane
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Default Bad Death (Death)

Bad Death (Death)

A demon with this attunement can determine what type of death a mortal fears most. The information will come in the form of a vision of the target's death: the demon must be in physical contact with the target in order for the vision to be transmitted. If the demon actually manages to kill the target in a fashion consistent with the vision, he gains 1 Essence.

Servitors of Saminga with this attunement quickly learn to keep quiet about it: Dark Humor, Fate, the Game, Nightmares, and the War all have a use for a demon with this sort of ability, and none of those organizations are particularly known for being gentle about their requests for aid.
Moe Lane

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Rocket Man
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Default Re: Bad Death (Death)

Interesting. Now, if a Saint finds out the opposition has this attunement, can they try a "tar baby" defense -- you know, the "Oh, mercy, there's nothin' I fear more than bein' thrown into that briar patch!" routine, only thought instead of spoken?

Maybe that could be a separate attunement, allowing you to subvert the "Bad Death" into a useful situation ... or at least trick them into giving you an easier death and a less Traumatic arrival in Heaven .....
“It's not railroading if you offer the PCs tickets and they stampede to the box office, waving their money. Metaphorically speaking”
--Elizabeth McCoy, In Nomine Line Editor

Author: "What Doesn't Kill Me Makes Me Stronger"
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