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Default Bards, songs, and spells

So, it looks like DFPRG has cleaned up Bard abilities a bit, but there are some things I still don't quite "get" and was wondering if I'm missing something.

First, it looks like bard song abilities require continual singing/playing, and the effects end if they don't. This is defined as a series of concentrate manuvers.

Spells, on the other hand seem to be simplified so that a bard needs to sing to CAST, but the effects happen for their normal duration regardless if the bard keeps singing.

Assuming I got the above correct, there is a bit of a situation that I'm not quite sure on. "Concentrate" is normally combat maneuver, that is it takes up a characters action for that combat turn. Except that isn't true for maintained spells. These (for whatever reason) can be concentrated on, but still allow a second spell to be cast (at a penalty).

My question is, how does Bard Song work into this? If you are playing an interment to maintain a bard song ability (a concentrate maneuver), can you still sing/cast a spell? Is this at -3, as if it was another spell? My reading of RAW makes me think that you CAN'T really do anything other than concentrate on your playing/maintaining ability's effect. But maybe I've missed something.

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Default Re: Bards, songs, and spells

Nothing about the singing or playing required for Bard-song overall defines it as a series of concentrate maneuvers: this is explicit for Song of Command, but (for instance) Song of Sending doesn't require further concentration after establishing contact and both Song of Echoes and Song of Humiliation are free actions.

In the edge case of 'trying to cast a spell while already using Song of Command' I'd impose a -3 as if already concentrating on a spell. In the edge case of 'starting up Song of Command while already maintaining one of the two or three Bard spells that requires Concentration' (Fascinate and Voices are the only ones I could find on a quick search), I'd do the same with the Song of Command roll.
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