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Default Destiny off-screen

Curious how other GM's handle spending destiny points (MH 23) between episodes.

Assuming your game is one in which sometimes the PCs take breaks between adventures to do their jobs, make invention rolls, research things, etc.

Do you let your PCs buy success on such off-screen rolls with destiny points (or earned character points as Other Uses for Points [MH 30])?

How do you handle recover of destiny points in the following adventure?

Seems like it could be done in one of several ways:

A) Can't spend destiny for off-screen rolls.
B) Can spend. Start the next adventure down what you spend. They recover at the normal rate.
C) Can spend, but you don't get them back until after the next adventure.

So far I've sort of opted for option A. I have no rationale. I'm curious what others do?
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Default Re: Destiny off-screen

I do not use destiny points in my current campaign, but use a similar system named luck points that allow for bonuses to actions and similar. They are gained at 1 point/session the same as destiny points. The difference being that they do not allow success instead allowing things like +4 to a roll or a re-roll.

The campaign has long times between the adventures where the characters work, enchant, convert people and such. I allow use of lucky breaks in the between times.

So for destiny points if I were to use such instead the option would be then like your option B. Allow use of destiny points for the between sessions things and any such points are then regained normally at the 1 point/session at end of each session.
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destiny points

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