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Default Re: Typical ST for a war bow?

Both arms, as a bow is a two-handed weapon. (The tables even have the dagger next to the ST requirement). Also Striking ST, but not Lifting ST.

See this post (and thread) where Vicky quotes PK and Kromm.
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Default Re: Typical ST for a war bow?

Sorry for 5 year necro!

Anyway I've been watching some videos from a channel called Tod's Workshop. You guys may already have come across him before. But he's got some (IMO) good stuff on archery and cross bows etc.

I didn't think it was worth starting a new thread just for a video link so I thought I'd tack it onto an old thread were some of this stuff was discussed.

This video is about the speed of firing a Crossbow vs. Longbow, no real surprises there but the chat afterwards broadens out in terms of the nature of training for and using heavy bows and roles for Longbow vs. Crossbow.

He's got a bunch of other stuff as well, (I've only really watched his bow/crossbow stuff), yes arrows vs. different armour is in there.

I'm guessing he'd be a fan of Douglas Cole's "Deadly Spring" because he make's a lot of the points illustrated in that article, Bow efficiency and inertia etc!

P.S. he does a video on Arrows/Bullets vs. Sandbags as well, which dips into the very different ballistics of Arrows and Bullets
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archery, bow, deadly spring, draw weight, pyramid 3/33, strongbow

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