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Default Re: Micro Managing Illusions?

Originally Posted by JLV View Post
There's an obvious advantage to YOU casting an illusion of yourself in combat -- especially if you can cast a shadow at the same time and both of you step into it. The issue comes up if I cast an illusion you to send against you -- obviously you're not going to be fooled as to which of you is real and which is the illusion...and you should find it remarkably easy to disbelieve such an illusion. At least that's the argument that logic requires me to make.
Yes, there is that "no one would believe it" line but it only mentions invented creatures, and says winged wolves might actually work anyway.

I think a GM probably should consider this and several other grey areas about how they're like illusions to work. Making illusions of known people always seemed like an issue to me, particularly the part about getting high-stat illusions out of it (I've tended to house-rule that even recognized illusions don't exceed average people in ability, though you can dial it to match the person, so if you make an illusion of someone with ST 16 DX 15, your illusions could have ST 16 DX 8, or ST 9 DX 15, or something in between, but not ST 16 DX 15).

A house rule for 2d6 to disbelieve an illogical illusion might make sense, or even an auto-disbelieve that takes no action, or just being impossible.
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