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Default Wargaming TFT Urban - Random Encounters

Wargaming TFT Urban Environmental Events (battle)

This covers various things that could randomly come up during a fantasy City/Town/Village battle. It can be inserted into any scenario where appropriate to add a little story or flavoring to your game.

You either decide it is going to happen in a certain location and then roll on the appropriate charts or you roll on the Urban Encounter charts and then determine where to place the event.

Note: Friendly or Friendlies means your own military or allies. Partisan is a civilian actively fighting or spying against enemy.

1) Random Event By Initial Encounter
This is broken down into six types. Either select which type of overall situation is playing in right now, then proceed to the lettered encounter box for event OR roll a die for it.
a) New area untouched by war or enemy. (both you and enemy are converging into this area.)

b) New area untouched by war, but occupied by enemy. (There hasn’t been a battle yet in this town that the enemy controls. The enemy took it without much fight.)

c) New area touched by magic* and nothing else: Magical earthquake or Magical lighting or dragon attack, etc. (This would be a recently pre-attack ‘bombing’ OR one that occurred many days before. There hasn’t been a battle yet in this town but the enemy now controls it. Those who were defending the town have moved on or were killed in the venture.)

d) New area just touched by war (first battle attack happened within 6 hours), with no pre-attack softening. The defenders are still here in some parts of the town.

e) Area touched by war (for several days now.)

f) Area pounded by war (heavily contested.)

Note: On events A through D, the figures (and the player) may have thought they were the lead element of the army entering, and yet there are already dead enemy. This could be poor information given the leader that they were first in or assumptions by the non-coms or partisans or some other bizarre situation.

  • If it says adjacent table or next table, it means that the set up you have on the table now is ‘next to’ another virtual table that extends your gaming.
  • A comment like ground/chair means the item could be found on the ground, or a chair or wherever you want.
  • If there is an indication like (1-2) do x, (3) do y, (4-6) do z, this means that you will roll one die and if the result is a 3, you do y. This is different than the footnote indicator that comes behind some of the entries.
  • “Incapacitated” means alive, but unconscious, dazed or otherwise not able to move and cannot fight. Fit the characters ST appropriately.

- - - - - - - - -

Roll 2d6 on each chart. If you are going to re-use chart this encounter, re-roll any event that you already have done.
OR roll 1d12, re-rolling 1.

Roll “A” event
2) Partisan tries to find commanding officer to offer help. (1)
3) The father of a family offers hot food and drink just before he ducks down and bolts the cellar door.
4) Dog on long leash tied to door handle. It barks. (1)
5) 2d6 workers or farmers heading toward/leaving workplace carrying tools and lunch wraps. (2)
6) Children are playing. (1) (2)
7) Children come out of the woodwork to beg for treats.
8) A wagon filled with civilians goes by. (2)
9) There is a religious procession going down the street of 1d6 priests and 3d6 followers. (2)
10) 3d6 civilians are busy sandbagging their immense statue to protect it. (2)
11) 1+1d6 Civilian repairmen are fixing the street or city wall.(2)
12) A somewhat discreet young couple is making love. (1) (2)
(1) This can be inside a room or outside (exterior).
(2) This is before any hostilities start (before alarms), when it is quiet.

Roll “B” event
2) This building is occupied by high-ranking enemy official. Lots of expensive stuff. Those who like to loot may need to make savings roll.
3) Freshly painted on a building is a whitewash arrow pointing up to an unusual balcony across the street that has long vertical slits along its newly built wall.
4) You come across a truly historical pristine immense marble statue. It is only partially scaffolded and sandbagged. (1)
5) Several windows in this room have enemy uniforms hanging in them.
6) A civilian is hanging from a tree branch with sign “Partisan.”
7) Home Furniture is piled up outside a building. Clothing is strewn about.
8) A small cart pulled by a goat drives by. (2)
9) 1d6 enemy soldiers are trying to put out a fire in a covered wagon.
10) A civilian horse & cart is shying from enemy cavalry which are now blocked in.
11) 1+1d6 drunken enemies are having a brawl while two Sergeants are breaking it up. (2)
12) The bodies of 1d6+1 enemies, including a colonel with a satchel. (1)
(1) This can be inside a room or outside (exterior).
(2) This is before any hostilities start, when it is quiet.

Roll “C” event
2) Structure weakened by cracks – 50% chance of wall collapsing on victims. Triggered when within 2 hexes of it. Take exploding gem damage.
3) Part of the town is actively burning with smoke and rubble. (2)
4) A priest is arguing with an enemy officer.
5) There are large craters in the road make it difficult for wagons to pass.
6) Dead horse with high-ranking incapacitated officer (1-4=enemy, 5=civilian, 6=friendlie) on side of road.
7) Figures can hear trumpets several tables away.
8) 1d6 enemy freshly killed by flames. (1)
9) The wall of a tannery/fishmarket has collapsed and it smells terrible. Must move 12” away from building or gag.
10) A family is repairing the wall of their house that was damaged by the enemy.
11) 1/2d6 very “Dead on their Feet” enemy snoring at their post.
12) 2d6 dead civilians, 1/2d6 horses and 1/2d6 destroyed carts/wagons in road, buildings or both.
(1) This can be inside a room or outside (exterior).
(2) Choose 1/2d6 buildings on fire.

Roll “D” event
2) A panicked friendly scout is curled into a ball in a corner. (1)
3) Civilian hiding gold coins in floor boards.
4) Music is loudly playing from one of the buildings.
5) Dead enemy scout with telescope, map and signal flags. (1)
6) Teenager with enemy bow peering over dead enemy with slit throat. (1)
7) Spilled valise strewing silver & copper coins and jewelry next to dead civilians. Savings Roll to avoid looting. (1)
8) The smell of freshly burnt evergreen/oak/rosemary permeates the area.
9) An abandoned enemy cavalry mount is standing idle.
10) There is a megahex of deep mud not easily seen until 1 hex away.
11) Abandoned guardpost, with lots of food debris and spilled deck of porn cards. (1)
12) From the other side of the table, you see an old civilian man with semaphores communicating with someone behind you. He is trying not to be seen from the sides or behind.
(1) This can be inside a room or outside (exterior).

Roll “E” event
2) Building with enemy banners draped over various window sills and Unit Standard on display.
3) Damaged store room, filled with broken containers of volatile fluid. 50% chance of igniting it if you have torch or sparks go into room.
4) A civilian teenage girl is climbing out of a window holding a burlap bag.
5) Friendly and enemy bodies laid out on side of road.
6) A dog wanders by wagging its tail or snarling. (1)
7) Figure trips a wire booby-trap. (1-2) Nothing happens, (3-4) Parts of it fall to the floor and nothing happens, (5-6) it goes off as explosive gem in center of room.
8) 2d6 dead cows are in stock yard.
9) Prone wounded civilian asking for help. (1)
10) Damaged store room, filled with broken containers of drippy, sticky fluid. 50% chance of getting this on you and reducing your MA by 1.
11) Blowing in the wind are signed confession parchments of local government official.
12) A voice comes from a room. Upon investigation it is (1-4) a mockingbird in a cage, (5-6) the room is empty and noise is caused from odd acoustics.
(1) This can be inside a room or outside (exterior).

Roll “F” event
2) Room is filled with week-old rotted civilian bodies. Roll ST to avoid gagging and exiting. (1)
3) One table away, the enemy on megaphone is offering a truce so that both sides can collect wounded and the dead.
4) Skeletal remains of ant covered Friendlies under building debris. (1)
5) Catacombs below street has weakened. 50% chance of its collapsing when within 2 hexes of it.
6) There is the sound of a collapsing building nearby.
7) Barricade of broken wagons and furniture is blocking road.
8) A lone crow flies over several times and caws.
9) Way down the street, an enemy physicker is slowly making his way to a wounded enemy.
10) In a room, an injured, partially clad, starving enemy warrant officer is under debris and moaning.
11) 2 tables away is the muffled sound of heavy battle is occurring.
12) A 4 megahex sphere of brownish smoke is drifting across the table at 5 hexes per turn. Visibility is reduced to 8 hexes and anyone in its radius is at ST -1 for hurt lungs unless mouth is covered with fabric.
(1) This can be inside a room or outside (exterior).
- Hail Melee

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Default Re: Wargaming TFT Urban - more Random Encounters

2) Random Event By Subject Matter
Choose what event you need, then roll die.

Roll Enemy event
2) Small, makeshift enemy hospital with Master Physicker and 1+2d6 incapacitated wounded.
3) 17 year old enemy boy lay dying. He asks for water. (1)
4) Surprise 1d6 enemy Staff burning papers in a just abandoned HQ.
5) Three enemy bodies next to hidden knocked out arbalest. (1)
6) Abandoned enemy mess wagon with hot food still cooking.
7) 5 recent enemy graves with wooden markers.
8) Surprise 1/2d6 enemies leading/holding 1+1d6 prisoners. (1)
9) Something is crawling in that dead enemy’s coat. It’s a puppy. (1)
10) An enemy trunk with broken lock. Enemy officer body is laying next to it, minus the head.
11) An enemy is squatting, taking a dump. His spear is leaning away from him. (1)
12) A civilian woman is crying over a dead enemy officer.
(1) This can be inside a room or outside (exterior).

Roll Friendlies event
2) Dead Friendly hero with swarms of dead enemy around him. (1)
3) Friendly straggler from wiped out platoon with pertinent information. (1) (2)
4) Totally exhausted Friendly wizard is snoring on the ground. (1)
5) 3 freshly dead Friendlies with arrows in them and all pointing to particular window in building down a ways. (1)
6) A stranded Friendly scout welcomes figure. (1)
7) Dispatch officer with orders for figure’s commander. (1) (2)
8) A Friendly Messenger has come by with just the right supplies. (ammo, food, water, instructions, whatever) (1)
9) A Friendly dead officer and his incapacitated aid has satchel with maps of the whole area. (1)
10) A Friendly foreign military observer (Human or other race) is observing. (1)
11) A prone Friendly, trying to hold his guts in, is pleading to you with his eyes. (1)
12) A Friendly horse is on its side and beside it a prone Friendly figure with broken neck. Behind him, tied to a pole/tree is a broken cord about six feet up.
(1) This can be inside a room or outside (exterior).
(2) Information is about this current game table you are playing or the next one over or data for your next game.

Roll Civilians event
2) Civilian in merchant attire is very near you and he is writing down things on a pad.
3) Crying children in school uniform huddle around dead schoolmaster.
4) Old doctor and priest give last rights to wealthy man. (1)
5) Old man chasing his horse.
6) City prostitutes line the balconies to watch the battle.
7) Refugees on donkeys dart by.
8) Old civilian with pigeon coup releasing pigeons.
9) Boy in baggy military armor, oversize helmet and runny nose is trailing figure. (1)
10) Old crone in black gives figure the devil’s finger and spits toward him. (1)
11) Old man lying down and waiting in gutter with loaves of bread and salami.
12) Family axed to death and partially dismembered. And look, there is the civilian that did it sitting in the corner. (1)
(1) This can be inside a room or outside (exterior).

Roll Animals event
2) The flies are thick in this room. 50% chance of finding bodies of (1-4) civilians, (5-6) enemy.
3) Figure kicks a knocked down hornets nest. They attack until you leave area (2 megahexes away.)
4) Enter room to find cat lady dead and 15 starving scared cats dart around. Roll ST to avoid gagging at the smell and exiting.
5) Vultures are eating the long dead.
6) An organ grinder’s monkey runs by.
7) A swarm of gnats in 1 hex pesters figure. (1)
8) Frogs are croaking in a nearby pond.
9) Figure comes upon a flock of pigeons which fly off. (1)
10) A crazed dog viciously attacks the figure. (1)
11) A horde of rats scurries from one side of the room to the other.
12) The entire ground is filled with very active ants making it uncomfortable to kneel or lie there. -1 DX if you stay in that position longer than 1 turn. DX returns if you move and spend next turn brushing them off.
(1) This can be inside a room or outside (exterior).

Roll Famous Places event
2) Church de Apollonia – with famous Hydra fresco protected by sandbags.
3) Impressive monument to extremely significant historical battle (you choose which one.)
4) Big building is Cidri Guide 5 star hotel with staff hiding in basement.
5) Le Mar Estate – Famous renaissance family home. Current owners are music enthusiasts with hundreds of big music boxes & automatons.
6) Muscle Beach Gymnasium. Medicine Balls, juggling clubs, rope, weights, mirrors.
7) Anwar DuBouise – Famous baroque painter in his studio with several of his beautiful young concubines
8) The notorious Get Away Tavern haunted by the Great Bard Jackson. It is open for business.
9) House of the Rising Sun – Off limits to military.
10) Gnish and Jatso – Antiquarian books.
11) Giuseppe’s Toyshop that sells, among other things, SuperMarionettes and Harro Kitty.
12) Carmin’s Own Dresses – Carmin has arranged all the mannequins in her shop to do the goose step in slinky lingerie. Carmin is now hanging inside the store.

Roll Conditions event
2) Thick black smoke is coming from the burning tar of this incense shop.
3) The ceiling/floor is about to collapse. 50% chance of collapsing if there is a nearby explosion.
4) A water reservoir from the top of the building has been punctured and is flooding the building and the street. Flood = -2 MA.
5) Hundreds of pigeons are flying along the street.
6) It is an uncomfortably hot sticky/cold damp day.
7) The timbers of this ruined building are still smoldering.
8) Figure somehow got poison ivy type substance on uniform. Itchy = - 1 DX
9) Rampant mold. 1 in 1d6 chance it causes lung troubles all this encounter. -1 ST & -1 DX.
10) Cart with oil barrels overturned and thick oil is now up and down the street for 10 hexes. Slippery ground for foot or wheel, however it won’t catch fire.
11) The floor/ceiling is about to collapse. 50% chance if figure gets within 2 hexes of center. On first turn it rumbles, second collapse for Exploding gem damage.
12) Burning industrial building on next table releases noxious chemical cloud. 12 hexes of foggy green haze is drifting across the table at 6 hexes per turn. Anyone in its radius is blinded for the rest of the encounter unless in they shield face with cloth.

Roll Things event
2) A burnt out wagon with charred bodies of half escaped drivers. Smells of burnt flesh and oil.
3) A stuffed Polar Bear in pristine condition in the foyer of a hotel/fancy place.
4) An enemy military wagon filled with barrels of molotail oil. Occupants are slain.
5) A ransacked alchemy laboratory that has unlabeled vials strewn about.
6) Roads choked with abandoned refugee carts, wagons, baggage, dead horses, etc.
7) A satchel with rare books is strewn on the ground.
8) Chess Park with human sized chess squares.
9) Church Bell (or similar) are ringing.
10) Amidst abandoned rotting dinners are bottles of wine.
11) 1 megahex of broken glass. Does not impede movement (unless barefoot), but anyone going prone gets 2 points damage.
12) There is a strange device on the floor/desk. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. (1)
(1) This can be inside a room or outside (exterior).

Roll Oddball Stuff event
2) Gaggle of geese.
3) There is a just released fugitives from nearby insane asylum. (1)
4) Figure falls into underground catacombs and can’t get back up.
5) Figure walk into a garden filled with Ambushes.
6) Figure set off booby trap.
7) Inventors workshop – all sorts of gadgets.
8) Theatrical float for fantasy festival filled with life size fantasy mannequins. (1)
9) Halfling restaurant that is open for business.
10) Branch of the Wzard’s Guild that is magically sealed from harm. This is neutral ground for wizards.
11) Downpour starts.
12) A gypsy caravan with fortune teller and armed gypsies to protect themselves.
(1) This can be inside a room or outside (exterior).

Roll More events
2) 2 civilians nailing planks over windows.
3) Prostitute is either propositioning (2) or asking for help. (1)
4) An obviously off duty enemy is making time with a civilian. (2)
5) 2+1d6 Civilians are putting out a fire in a historical building.
6) A hamster spins in its cage.
7) The rain has flooded all the ruined buildings and the street. Flood = -2 MA.
8) Nearby, a Friendly voice is singing a famous sad romantic song.
9) Young kid will tell figure where enemy is for a candy bar. (1)
10) Musical instruments are arranged neatly. Violins, accordians, trumpets, guitars, etc. (1)
11) Figure comes across a fellow warrior looting. (1)
12) A safe in this room/building is revealed to have recently been robbed.

(1) This can be inside a room or outside (exterior).
(2) This is before any hostilities start, when it is quiet.
- Hail Melee
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Default Re: Wargaming TFT Urban - Random Encounters

Wow, that's a big help for randomizing urban combats.
The first rule of GMing
"If you make it, players will break it"
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Lord Inar
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Default Re: Wargaming TFT Urban - Random Encounters

This looks like a great addition for the Hexzine. Have you thought of submitting it?
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Default Re: Wargaming TFT Urban - Random Encounters

They aren't taking submissions for this one. But if (maybe?) we get a continuing pub out of it, he can submit it for issue #2?

It looks like a good system (though to be honest I haven't spent a lot of brain cells on it yet).
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Default Re: Wargaming TFT Urban - Random Encounters

Originally Posted by Lord Inar View Post
This looks like a great addition for the Hexzine. Have you thought of submitting it?
Thanks for the suggestion. I'll look into how that might be done.
- Hail Melee
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