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Old 07-13-2019, 11:34 AM   #1
Join Date: Jan 2019
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Default WTB: Will pay well for following items/cards/ bookmarks

I will pay pretty well for the following items, send me a PM if you have them to sell.

Purple Cthulhu dice bag (Pictured on “Touched by Cthulhu” promo card)

-Heart of the Anomaly
-Draw 2 Treasures
-Blank Zombies Door (no URL, no icon)
-Blank Zombies Treasure (no URL, no icon)
-Fnord Con dungeon
-Warehouse 23 dungeon (not oversized)


(6"x2.75"): Short & Wide
-Munchkin +3 Bookmark of Munchkin Mastery
-Munchkin Fu Bookmark of Hong Kong Wrongness

(7"x2.5"): No Social Media Icons
-Andrew Hackard Munchkin Bookmark of the Red Pen of Doooom!
-Game Stop Munchkin Bookmark of Stopping the Game!
-John Kovalic Munchkin Bookmark of Draw, Draw Again!
-Munchkin Adventure Time 2 Bookmark of Daring Dungeon Delving!
-Munchkin Bookmark of Clerical Erroneousness
-Munchkin Joco Cruise 5 Bookmark of Seamonkey Supremacy
-Munchkin Joco Cruise 6 Bookmark of Intellectual Piracy!
-RTX Munchkin Bookmark
-Phil Reed Munchkin Bookmark of Battle Grip Action

(7"x2.5"): W/ Social Media Icons

-Munchkin Bookmark of Dark Vileness (if it even exists in this style printing)
-Munchkin Shakespeare Bookmark of Firsties
-Munchkin Tavern 2017 Bookmark of Anatine Anarchy
-Munchkin Tavern 2017 Bookmark of a Foolish Wit!
-Munchkin Tavern 2018 Bookmark of Combative Collectibility
-Munchkin Tavern 2018 Bookmark of Full Spectrum Beardosity
-Munchkin Tavern 2018 Bookmark of Schlock Treatment

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