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Default Re: Powered Animals [Fantasy/Powers/Supers]

Familiars are good examples of powered animals, but there are difference between familiars. Familiars in the D20 systems are just cool animals. Familiars in the oWoD were often equals to the PCs. I generally prefer powerful familiars over weak familiars (a witch's cat will be equal to the witch in my games).

In the former case, they are probably 6-12 CP (25%-50%; Constant; Special Abilities, +50%). In the latter case, they are probably 30-60 CP (100%-150%; Constant; Special Abilities, +50%). In either case, their capabilities are dependent on the power level of the PCs (an insignificant familiar of a 500 CP PC is going to be more powerful than anew equal familiar of a 100 CP PC).
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David Johnston2
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Default Re: Powered Animals [Fantasy/Powers/Supers]

One of the games I never got around to running was an urban fantasy game where if a full-blooded human wanted to become a magician they needed a fairy familiar so the human could could make use of their familiar's magic aptitude. The familiars could cast magic themselves but at a handicap since they had to master the spell well enough to cast without words or gestures.
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Default Re: Powered Animals [Fantasy/Powers/Supers]

Powered creatures providing magical ability is a quite old belief. The witch's familiar and the like are great examples. In this case, the familiar would likely be Ally (100%; Constant; Special Abilities, +50%) [30], meaning that they are equal to the PC.

In my opinion, RPM works best for that sort of magic. It would not be unusual to see a magician with Magery 0/8 (Accessibility, Granted by familiar, -40%; Pact, -10%) [40] and Ritual Adept (Accessibility, Granted by familiar, -40%; Pact, -10%) [20]. The Pact would represent the pact made by the mage to the Powers That Be to gain the services of their familiar. Without the familiar, the Mage would have only Magery 0.
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