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Old 02-19-2018, 04:38 PM   #1
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Default Clicking on Edit buttons causes GCA to Hang


I have Windows 10. I just installed GCA plus the patch plus the latest data file.

However whenever I am working on a character and I click on an edit button or either of the little buttons next to it on any of the screens I get no popup and the application seems to hang. This also applies if I use the Edit button on the quick view screen although on that screen I can at least allocate extra points, presumably because there is no popup. If I click on the application screen I get the little 'ding' sound suggesting that there is a modal screen. It's just not visible. Alt+Tab doesn't help.

There is no obvious error message.

I can't close the app by clicking in the top left corner. I can terminate from the taskbar or task manager and when that happens I 'think' the screen appears very briefly before everything vanishes.

It was installed under Admin priviliges. Run as Admistrator makes no difference. The GCA folder appears under program files (x86). The install.log file appears to be normal. There is also a GCA folder in my Documents folder although the data files folder is empty for this.

Also: reinstalling doesn't help. Not installing the patch doesn't help.

Any thoughts?

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Default Re: Clicking on Edit buttons causes GCA to Hang

Did you have GCA installed before, and do you have multiple monitors? Because this error pops up a lot when you have multiple monitors and the Edit or other sub-windows are actually opening up off screen, usually in a position where a monitor used to be positioned. If you can press Escape and GCA starts responding again this is almost certainly what's happening.

The surest way to fix this is to reset GCA's personalized settings by running GCAClearAppData as outlined in the FAQ.

You can see another, slightly more detailed, response to this issue in this thread:
Eric B. Smith GURPS Data File Coordinator
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Old 02-19-2018, 06:55 PM   #3
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Default Re: Clicking on Edit buttons causes GCA to Hang

Hi Eric,

I didn't have GCA installed before but I am running multiple monitors. In fact I probably dragged screens from one monitor to the other while I was reading my PDF.

Esc didn't work but running GCClearAppData looks like it has resolved the problem. Thanks for your help!
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Old 02-22-2018, 10:54 AM   #4
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Default Re: Clicking on Edit buttons causes GCA to Hang

Handy-dandy thing to know: you can easily rescue off-monitor windows using some VERY OLD but still perfectly functional keyboard shortcuts.

Press Alt-Space effectively drops down the system menu for whatever window has focus, even if it's hovering off screen. Because windows has SOME sanity checking built in, the system menu will be on screen even if the window itself isn't.
System menu is the icon at the top LEFT, if you're curious.
You can usually then use your mouse to click on "Move", and the window will snap to your cursor and you can put it somewhere sensible. Click your mouse to release.

If the mouse isn't working, there's a backup, also with keyboard commands!

Press the down arrow on your keyboard until "Move" is highlighted. Press "Enter" to accept "Move"
Tap either the left or the right arrow, either one will force the window on screen.
Press "Enter" to accept the new onscreen position, drag around with mouse to your preference.

This has been kicking around since Windows 3.1 when many people didn't have mice :)
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Default Re: Clicking on Edit buttons causes GCA to Hang

Thank you, thank you, Bruno! Has been driving me crazy!
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