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Default Technical Grappling: missing stability points and falling down

Page 10
"A limb may not provide stability if it is being grappled for 1 CP or more"
"If you are missing one stability point, you are unstable; if you are missing two, you also fall down."
It's sounding here like if left puppy bites left pantleg for 1 CP and right puppy bites right pantleg for 1 CP that neither limb provides stability and because both are no longer stability points

Page 9 sound even more extreme:
A two-legged posture requires that both feet be on the ground and ungrappled,
In this case, if even a single foot is grappled (dog bites your shoe for 0 CP) the requirement for the posture (2 legs ungrappled) is no longer fulfilled, forcing you to switch to a 3-point posture ("any three body parts") ?

Kneeling is also described as "two legged" despite saying "at least one foot" though, so it sounds like the "both feet" may be describing ideal (stable) requirements, and rather than absolute, so that if you don't fulfill one specified point of contact in the description you are merely unstable in the posture, but not forced to abandon it so long as you don't lose a 2nd (0 remaining for 2-legged, 1 remaining for 3 point).

This would explain why you can still be standing while stepping/kicking despite a foot leaving the ground. Of course with running and jumping there are points where neither foot is in contact with the ground, so in that case maybe you're temporarily Lying on the air like flying creature?

"a supportive surface (a resisting opponent does not qualify)" sounds like a non-resisting person could qualify, so if both legs were destabilized (1 CP each) could you be considered "Crawling" even if the explanation for those penalties (and reduced movement) was leaning onto a friend's shoulder with your hand?

I think "missing two" in respect to 3-point postures means "you only have 1 left" so if you lost 2 (down to 1) but shifted to another body part (2-point Crawling is unstable, but not falling) then you would be fine?

This would prevent falls, but would still allow puppies to "Crawl-Lock" you until you broke free of them. I guess that's fine for normal humans (ST 10) but should probably not work on giants like elephants who are strong enough to just drag you around without bother.

2 CP reduces ST by 1 (10% on a ST 10 human) so 1 CP is effectively 0.5 reduction (5%) so maybe destability could happen at 95% ST threshold instead of 1 CP? So for a ST 20 creature you'd need 2 CP to make its leg unstable, 3 CP at 30 ST (essentially inflict ST/10 CP to destabilize)

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control points, posture, stability points, supportive surface, technical grappling

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