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Default WTS/ WTT games and promos


Clearing house time. I have lots of games and promos, but just no more room for them. I've had to drop the boxes for many of them (to save room initially) so there will be discounts for any box-less games (Marked with *). I am mostly looking to sell, but there are a few trades I'd be willing to accept listed at the bottom. I have some costs set but message me with any offers. Buyers pay shipping, but I will send multiple items together. Will update list as items are added or removed.


Games and supplements
Munchkin Cthulhu GAE
Mad Scientist University
GURPS Fantasy
Dungenoeer- Tomb of the Lich Lord
Munchkin Love Shark
Munckin Guilds*
Munckin Penny Arcade*
Munchkin Shakespeare - Limited Engagement (sealed)
Give Me The Brain*
Car Wars- The Card Game
Car Wars Mini*
Munchkin Marvel* (box available but damaged)
Munchkin Cthulhu*
Munckin Cthulhu 2*
Munckin Cthulhu 3*
Orgre Sheet E5-E6

Munchkin Comic 1 (signed) 3-25
Floating Nose Comic + Brown Nose
Lampooned Comic + Dominant Genie
Munchkin Christmas Coin 2011
Munchkin Coin 2013
Munchkin Coin 2012
Munchkin Coin 2014
Munchkin Tattoos
Munchkin Journal Pack 2
Munchkin Invisible Frenemies
Munchkin Bracelet of Slapping (adult size)
Munchkin Zombie meat lockers (sealed)
Munchkin tan pin
Illuminati pin
Munchkin Gold Pin

Gamer Badges
Metal Head

Munchkin Bricks pieces (one set plus extra pieces)
Rat on stick
Duck of doom
Clric miter
Spiked helment

Zombie dice pad

Out of print
Book Wyrm
Cut the Line
Ear Worm
Last Laugh
Mystic Correspondence
Touched by Cthulhu
Twisp and Catsby

Zombie Santa
Evil Ted
Whim of the Elder Gods

Love Thy Neighbor
Igor Ichor
My Little Cthulhu

Club of Fighting
Deodorant Stick
Lie to Your Own Webcam
Venison Benison

In print

Angry Bards
Awful Green Thing
Cash Cow
Caster Oil
Cloak of Anonymity
Curse! Cat Nap
Curse! Unjustly accused!
Feet cheat
Frankenstein’s Mobster
Game Mechanic
Get promoted
Ghost Hands
Go down a level - GUAL
Hipster Hireling
Lie to your own webcam
Lighter of smiting
Lightning bolt
Man in the moon
Merchant Hireling
Nativity Scene
Oil Derek
Pub Knight
Step and a half
The last laugh
Touched by Cthulhu
Tower Shield
Twisp & Catsby
Vension Bension
Wand of Dousing
Flash Gorgon
Space Geek
Sidekick: Space Family Peralta
Khan Artist
Trap! Panic!
Weirdly bearded
Ship to my loo
Wind Lass
Professor Teslas Electrical Protective Device
Swiss Passport
Duck in Black
Phlegm Fatale
Train Training
Grass Sword
Duck Holiday
Cultist *Goomie*
Evil Ted
Cultist *Kovalic*
The stars are cruel
Sucker Punch!
Whim of the elder gods *promo*
Cult Membership card
Cult Membership card *promo*
Whising Ring *Cthulhu*
Embrace the madness
Banzai Tree
Sidekick: Awesome bear
Disaster! Duck Season!
Disaster! Alpacalypse!
Hello Carrier
Jawbone Radio
The whisperers *face art*
The wisperers *body art*
Axe Cop *signature*
Axe Cop *no signature*
Dead Wood
No Guts, No Glory
Pitcher of cheap beer
Deadpools Taco Truck
Peter Parker
Trap! Howard the Duck
Infinity Gauntlet

GTM: Dragons 4 more

Bookmarks: 3rd Edition
Bookmark Collection (sealed, packaging signed by Steve Jackson)
Bookmark of Retroactive continuity
Bookmark of reset buttoning!
Jumbo D6 bookmark of hexadedral rerieval
Bookmark of overpowered Munchkin fighting gentleman
Bookmark of better bad-guy building
Munchkin Free-RPG Bookmark of roleplaying freedom
Bookmark of the Munchkin Book bookmarking
Bookmark of chivalrous subterfuge!
Bookmark of holiday cheer!
Bookmark of assertive alliteration!
Bookmark of terrible twister!
Bookmark of international tabletop day 2013
Bookmark of international tabletop day 2014
Bookmark of gleeful regifting
Bookmark of Ultimate magic
Bookmark of shelter skelter
Bookmark of reckless re-engineering
Bookmark of hidden lore
Bookmark of barbaric bludgeoning
Bookmark of esoteric empowerment
Winged helmet of swiftness bookmark
Bookmark of re-sealing
Bookmark of blatant cheating
Bookmark of shipshape sailing
Bookmark of gol-darned gunslinging
Bookmark of cavalry charges
Bookmark of her majestys secret circus
Bookmark of braaaaaaaaaains
Tavern Bookmark of super tasting
Tavern Bookmark of saving your bacon
Tavern Bookmark of geeking weakly
GAE Bookmark of dropping the hammer
GAE Bookmark of you fu!
GAE Bookmark of the weird alternate universe!
GAE Bookmark of feeling fine
GAE Bookmark of peeking behind the curtain
GAE Bookmark of the advantageous appendage!
GAE Bookmark of the universal reboot
GAE Bookmark of retold tales
Bookark of smashing success
Bookmark of boom and bust
Bookmark of vexing vitality!
Bookmark of funko funtimes
Bookmark of mighty fine bonuses
Bookmark of SHIELD
Bookmark of HYDRA
Bookmark of Hammer
Bookmark of the XMEN
Bookmark of Nova Corps
Bookmark of random axe of kindness
Bookmark of Adventure Time
Bookmark of portable respawning
Munchkin World NYC Bookmark *Not signed*

Bookmarks: 2nd Edition
Cheesy promotional bookmark of power
Bookmark of dark vileness
Bookmark of buried treasure
Bookmark of arranged derangement
Bookmark of portable respawning
Bookmark of bimodal bifurcation
Bookmark of esoteric empowerment
Bookmark of udder ridiculousness
Bookmark of gol-darned gunslinging
Bookmark of blatant cheating
Bookmark of clowntrooper chaos!
Winged helmet of swiftness bookmark
Bookmark of her majestys secret circus
Bookmark of shipshape sailing
Bookmark of soggy smiting
Bookmark of powerful empowerment
Bookmark of sloppy summoning
Bookmark of chopping off heads

Starfinder Credsticks (when available)
Munchkin Bookmark of Forbidden Knowledge
The Official Munckin Bookmark of Carrrrrroling Carrrrrnage!
The official Munchkin JoCoCruise 6 Bookmark of intellectual piracy!
The official Munchkin Adventure Time 2 Bookmark of daring dungeon delving!
The Official Munchkin Bookmark of Deadpool- pending
The Official Munchkin Tavern 2017 Bookmark of Munchkin Bricks 2 The Second Story!
The Official Andrew Hackard Munchkin Tavern 2017 Bookmark of A Foolish Wit!
The Official John Kovalic Munchkin Tavern 2017 Bookmark of Anatine Anarchy!
The Official Steve Jackson Munchkin Tavern 2017 Bookmark of The Immortal Beard!
The Official Munchkin Booty (Guest Artist Edition) Bookmark of Cursin' Corsairs!
The Official Munchkin Bookmark of Rocket Around the Christmas Tree
Munchkin Starfinder bookmarks from Kickstarter (will even offer half trade now, rounded down, for bookmarks later)

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