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Default Re: Fantasy Setting for GURPS

Originally Posted by robertsconley View Post
1) A stripped down rulebook focusing on the options needed to play generic fantasy.

2) A Keep on the Borderlands chapter/module bundled with #1 that has

a) a town with associated plot and NPCs
b) a surrounding wilderness with locales
c) a Dungeon site fleshed out with 3 to 5 levels
d) two more adventure sites fleshed out

3) A Monster Manual bundled with #1 with GURPS version of the classic D&D monsters (at least those that can be legally used)

4) A standalone GURPS Fantasy Adventure for experienced characters that can be used as a follow up for #2

5) A standalone GURPS Fantasy Adventure that is an epic adventure for high point fantasy characters that can be used as a followup for #3.
I think your #1 - the rulebook is not really all that necessary, but I concur with the adventure ideas, with a book that ties them into a common world. And yes, we are still hurting for a full fledge Bestiary/Monster Manual/etc. be they real world critters or fantasy creations, for dungeon fantasy or otherwise.
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