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Default Re: Pyramid #3/62: Transhuman Space II

Originally Posted by RyanW View Post
Ultra-Tech and Bio-Tech, with adaptation (one such effort by somebody who knew what they were doing presented here and here*), will be useful (and, in fact, TS was in a way the prototype for GURPS 4e TL chart). The "outer core" books (Powers and Martial Arts) will be useful but not necessary additions. And most others will have bits you will no doubt get some use out of, but probably not enough to recommend them for TS in general (for example, Tactical Shooting would be very useful for some games, useless for others).

* These predate Changing Times, I believe, so there may be things that are not compatible.
I have to say that the adaptations are somewhat clunky. The new editions of UT & BIO have subtle differences (many of them pointed out in those two threads). Going all the way to UT/BIO makes it feel not quite THS, but sticking to the THS way is not always supported without fiddling in 4e. Having to switch between three books when looking up a single item can be quite inconvenient too.
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