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Default Re: GURPS Tactical Shooting

In my low-tech games, I use the rules for arrow travel, reaction speed, expanded Fright Checks for attacks that barely miss*, the rules for Situational Awareness with peripheral vision and shot effect optional rules, threat recognition, the spotter rules**, the counter-sniping rules***, tactical dodging, darkness penalties****, battle drills and room clearing and the expanded cover rules.

I'd say that Tactical Shooting gets plenty of use.

*Though I don't enforce them unless the damage of the attack that barely missed was enough so that it could have plausibly penetrated the DR of the character.
**There is an archer with a magical dragonbone bow that can shoot out to half a mile in an ordinary turn and ten times that if he gets time to enchant the missile. He also likes to shoot Shatterpoint arrows that inform him of the range, target velocity, azimuth, wind and the weakest point within 10 yds on the target. Then he guides ballistae to shoot exploding spheres of alchemical fire at that point.
***These rules apply whether you have a gun or not. It's a matter of 'can he see me?
****Therea are handy examples of what penalties apply at what lighting, not to mention expanded rules on night vision and what can ruin it.
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Default Re: GURPS Tactical Shooting

Originally Posted by sir_pudding View Post
Many of those rules apply even when being attacked in melee.
That is interesting to hear. Like the OP (Trachmyr), I also was thinking about the usefulness of Tactical Shooting for low-tech settings and melee situations.

Originally Posted by safisher View Post
(. . .) Also, the section in Horror on insanity and mental illness will dovetail nicely with TS.
Yes. I see the rules for stress and derangement useful for non-horror campaigns too.
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Default Re: GURPS Tactical Shooting

Originally Posted by HANS View Post
It's in there because the author wanted it to be in there, it's that simple.

More to the point, I wanted it to be in there because it shows what customisation can do, and what that means in the game -- mounting a short suppressor to deal with excessive muzzle blast, grinding off anything that might prevent emergency egress from a vehicle, etc.

Finally, while historically only 20 were made for the 160th SOAR, nobody prevents you from ordering more from KAC -- they are a reasonably small outfit to cater to individual requests of that kind. Hell, using Armoury (Small Arms) or the help of a gunsmith, you could even apply the same process to some other weapon, be it of the AR-15 type or even a completely different weapon.

Availability has absolutely nothing to do with it. You will note that you could apply that "criticism" to several other weapons in the book, frex the MC-51, the Stinger, the SOG M79 -- but they have all earned their place in there, in my eyes.


Well, I for one welcome our new custom gunsmithing overlords. :-)

Googling got me pictures of M4KA1s, though whether these are real or not I do not know, but I couldn't find sources on weight, overall length and such things.

Knowing HANS's mad research skills and the detail of GURPS Tactical Shooting, I was hoping that he'd had more luck than I had. Or that someone else knew, I suppose.

The stats in TS include Weight, obviously, but the overall length is not a GURPS stat and thus not found there. As luck would have it, PCs in my campaign actually do have a contact in Knight's Armament Corporation, as well one of them being a gunsmith. They will want to have similar modifications as the KAC M4A1 performed on a carbine from Knight's Armament Co. chambered in .300 Blackout. They might want a 6.5" barrel and perhaps simply the option of mounting a suppressor, leaving open the option of firing it in the really short configuration if deployed instantly, at the cost of more flash and noise.

I was wondering how much the custom shortening of the stock reduced the overall length, over and above the short barrel, and whether the weapon was subjected to any other gunsmithing that made the OAL shorter than a standard M4A1 if you simply mounted a 10" barrel on it.

My PCs tend to want to smuggle weapons inside other objects and knowing the OAL tends to be important when it comes to whether you can fit it inside a compartment on a motorcycle, for example, or in a laptop bag.
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melee, tactical shooting

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