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Old 08-20-2019, 03:27 PM   #1
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Default How do you play Death Test? (spoilers)

My solo DT1 style:
  • Usually 4 32-pt figures, usually trying out some weapon or tactic (most recent, 2 whip/javelineers and 2 crossbowmen)
  • Decisions about which path to take between rooms are made at random, but I don't go back through the door I just existed.
  • Once in a room, I fight asap
  • I always exit the opposite door
  • For the statues room, I select a statue at random.
  • I go through every room before exiting.
Sad, I know :)

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Default Re: How do you play Death Test? (spoilers)

I read the intro for players to a new group. Ask them to build characters and go.

After they do the test I give them the opportunity to remake characters based on what they learned and go again.

Rinse and repeat until we want to do something else.
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Default Re: How do you play Death Test? (spoilers)

If I want to try the original challenge, I use four 32-point characters, with no ITL talents or special equipment.

To have a good chance of winning without casualties, I either use 34-point characters without talents (and good tactical moves), or I use ITL talents, but also add talents to the foes.

I usually do allow 15 minutes to rest in each room, as in Death Test 2.

I also allow each wound to be physicked individually (if time allows), but I don't usually take a physicker into Death Test anyway (not that it's not a good idea).

I don't usually go cleaning out extra rooms, unless my party is practically unwounded.
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Default Re: How do you play Death Test? (spoilers)

As I discuss in this post over on the TFT House Rules forum, I allow wizards to rest long enough to recover more ST than is allowed in the DT2 rules (even when playing DT). My reasoning is that fighters can wield weapons to defeat foes without necessarily losing ST. Wizards simply can't do that; they must spend ST in order to cast spells.

Beyond that, I like to play the party as though they care about getting out alive, so if they are getting pretty hurt, I have them try to find the exit as quickly as can.
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