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Default Re: 5th ed D&D needs a Cantrip focused class.

Originally Posted by Anaraxes View Post
A short rest is at least one hour long (per the PHB). So it's not physically impossible to take more than 12, but the party isn't going to accomplish much if they insist on short-resting after every fight.
Also, you need 12 encounters that are separated by enough that you can take a short rest without the other encounter areas don't come to check what the fuss is about, but not so separated that you just wind up taking one or more long rests. My experience in games is that you need to break contact with any enemies for a short rest to be practical, which for a dungeon probably means you've left and aren't actually going back before you've finished a long rest; mostly, short rests are after dealing with wandering monsters, or after finishing a major fight/dungeon raid and you take a short rest so if wandering monsters attack you while you're trying to take a long rest you don't die. Either way, that's about one short rest per day.
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Default Re: 5th ed D&D needs a Cantrip focused class.

There were a few episodes of the Mike Mearls Happy Fun Hour where he was working on a new version of the Psion. One of the subclasses, the Shaper, was built around a new at-will summoning cantrip, and uses spell slots to enhance the summoned creature. It's not exactly "cantrips only, no spells," because the psion is still a full caster class, but it gives more emphasis to cantrips than any class to date except maybe warlock.
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Default Re: 5th ed D&D needs a Cantrip focused class.

Concept might work at low levels. At higher levels the cantrips don't scale up as fast as real spells do. Do you want a spell(Fireball) that does 8d6 over a 20' radius(save for 1/2) or Firebolt that does 2d10 to one target on a to hit roll?

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Default Re: 5th ed D&D needs a Cantrip focused class.

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
In the unlikely event of people taking 12 short rests in a day. I've almost never seen more than 2.
Warlocks have 1 slot at first, 2 at 2nd-3, 3 at 4th-9th, 4 at 10th+

6 short rests I've seen in a day. (Actually, 8. running Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Episode 2 and episode 3. Sneak in, take out a few, sneak out. I saw 6 in chapter 1.)

it really helps to know what you're talking about when you make criticism of something on technical grounds.
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