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Old 11-16-2018, 12:42 PM   #81
Blue Ghost
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Default Re: Stagnation in Road Combat Designs .

Originally Posted by 43Supporter View Post
"Famous" is one way of phrasing it....

*snipping for victory*

One idea I never quite managed to get adopted: A series of arenas, all different (some with lots of open space, others with really short LoS; some multi-level, some "flat"; etc.), but the players have to use the same design for all of them. Thinking of thinning out that Top armor -- best keep those two-level arenas in mind. Big fan of rockets -- good luck in the open-floor arenas. That sort of thing. (Given how most of NOVA was infamous for bringing the same design to every event anyway, it's no surprise it didn't go over.)
Yeah, I think this is where this thread converges with the CWRP thread, because if you're tailoring your car to an arena, unless you have a very wealthy and lucrative corporate sponsor that can provide you with other cars for other arenas, you're not really playing in the spirit of the game. Or so I'm of the opinion.

Meaning that a car that's got left side heavy armor and weapons might be a thing that an indy team or individual might try to pull off for one night, but after that other duelists are going to get wise and counter that design with new tactics or their own design.

And that's where the RP stuff can play a role (same car and driver, but new arena), or you just make up some house rules.

Last I checked there were over a hundred arenas, or so I recall from the Road Atlas guides and the expansion packs combined. That's not to mention race tracks and whatever else might qualify for a venue; i.e. that desert warlords encampment out in New Mexico or Arizona kind of thing.

I don't know. Maybe an RP light rule requiring the same car for three venues in a row might be needed.
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Default Re: Stagnation in Road Combat Designs .

Running an actual duel circuit campaign can be quite rewarding, since you have a starting cash pile, but you have to have fresh infusions of money (sponsorship and/or prize money) to keep going.

If the campaign is set for a specific division (and sponsors will want that), it means only successful duelists will have more than 2 cars. (espeically if the GM is in RPG mindset, and forces you to have road encounters between arenas...
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Tom H.
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Default Re: General Moralistic Nonsense

Originally Posted by GreenWizard View Post
The Question of JUSTICE has been debated for as long as humans have been able to talk. . .
Oh wow, I just stopped by and read all that.

Although it adhered heavily to an overriding perspective, it was an interesting read, thanks for taking the time to share it.

It's always amazing to consider all the aspects that truly go into creating a realistically balanced game. I guess you never do it at once in the months or years it takes to initially release a single game.
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Tom H.
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Default Re: Stagnation in Road Combat Designs .

P.S. Same response goes to swordtart's philosophizing as well, thanks.
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Default Re: Stagnation in Road Combat Designs .

Agree with a majority of what he posted to .

Due to ground rules , 'Rule(s) Of Logic' , weeding out of many silly/disruptive players causing problems , chivalrous combat in players vs player fights all may play a part in lack of innovation in our groups .

Many of our non-Oversized Vehicles do not carry Vehicular Fire Extinguishers , as bar MG & VMG Incendiary Ammo , extremely few aggressors carry Incendiary Weaponry . Most Cars are Luxurys with a Gunner/Passenger - so both occupants carry PFEs or have them two handy in the convenient small Cargo Space ( thus the Crew aren't protected by Component Armour ) .
BUT having previously posted these type of designs on Combat Garage , we GET SCREAMED AT for 'not having a FE or IFE' , despite our protests on rarity of Fires in our game play .

150lbs or 200lbs & 1 Space on a non Gunfighter type 'Everyday Commercial/Cargo/Passenger' can be the difference between profit , breaking even or loss .

It's similar with Wheelhubs & Guards , plus any Tires less than 9 DP ( we play by the +33% DP OFFICIAL Ruling from ADQ 6/4 , for Steel Belted Tires , ignoring the never corrected properly constant publication of +25% in numerous products , downloads & indeed Combat Garage itself ... ) .
It's ridiculous to 'demand' that a Cycle with only 25 to 35 points total F+B Armour needs 5 , 8 or 10pt CWGs Front & Back ???
Totally perplexing when a Medium Cycle OR Scout with OR HD Tires & 2pt CWGs Front & Back is fine and practical . It both avoids most Dropped Weaponry damage and is almost impossible to hit with Tire Shots if more than 16"-20"+ inches from the firing combatants ...

I do feel that many long term players get stuck in 'Point Blank Gunfire' and/or 'Today IS A Good Day To DIE' mentality . Blazing away at lightly armed & armoured Commuter , Cargo , Family or Passenger Vehicles may make you a Double Ace very quickly , but won't earn you much in game popularity ?
It's hilarious when a $30K+ firepower Car , runs out ammo trying to 'earn a kill' versus 3 to 5 everyday Vehicles with combined worth $20K-$25K ! All due to light weapons , Smoke & maneuvering to block potential kill shots etc .

Alright everyone is intitled to their own opinions & all groups/individuals play differently , but many mindsets fail to reflect 'game realities' , real life practicalities or very basic gaming common sense . It is incredibly frustrating to more sensible CW veterans , when these type of antics prevail in some individual players or tiny groups .

One off anything goes BLUD type bloodbaths on a empty stretch or road or a parking lot are fine of course . When it comes down to it though , the place for much highly aggressive combat is a formal or informal Arena ...
Five Gauss Guns on a Camper !!!

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road combat designs

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