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Default Back to School Questions

Originally Posted by Accelerated Learning; page 13
Increase the hours gained from any form of time-based learning in play by 50% for Accelerated Learning 1 or by 100% for Accelerated Learning 2.

This is essentially the effect of smart drugs (p. 14), but as an inherent advantage, applicable to anything you might study.
Saying this is the same as smart drugs suggests this only works for mental traits and skills, but the bolded "any" suggests it works for anything, like say hitting the gym to buy up ST, which is it? If it works for anything, could you take a limitation limiting what it works on?

Originally Posted by Doesn’t Sleep; page 13
Doesn’t Sleep adds eight hours. This doesn’t help with learning on the job (p. 4) – after eight hours, you’re still just getting through the day! In conjunction with intensive training (p. 5), the extra hours count only as self-study, because you aren’t under close supervision.
Why can't those with Doesn’t Sleep be "under close supervision" all the time? Why can't one being with Doesn't Sleep train another being with Doesn't Sleep for extra hours per day? Or have a student with Doesn't Sleep have multiple teachers working in shifts?

Originally Posted by Altered Time Rate; page 20
If both teacher and student have Altered Time Rate, this speeds up learning. Multiply real hours by (1 + advantage level) to find effective hours. If their levels differ, use the multiplier for the lower level. Altered Time Rate with the Super-Speed or Non-Combat Speed modifier can be applied in this way to give an even larger factor, but not with combat skills – a student practicing combat is considered to be in combat.
What about self teaching, where you are your own teacher? Can someone with Altered Time Rate 9 self teach themselves a character point in 40 hours?

How does Altered Time Rate combine with Accelerated Learning?
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