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Default Delay Spell (or Hang Spell) + Ceremonial Magic (including Enchantment)

If you want to cast "Suspend Enchantment" (M58) but are nowhere near the Evil Magic Sword (it would be -100 range penalties or something) could you cast (M130) Delay (perhaps trigger: "when Evil Magic Sword touches the shield") using a shield as a "trap item", then immediately cast Suspend Enchantment afterwards, and then hold onto Delay (paying maintenance costs for Delay as standard) until the evil sword is blocked by the shield and is immediately disenchanted?

Per M16, like anything in the Enchantment College it would need to be cast as Ceremonial Magic, but I can't actually see anything preventing Delay+Ceremonial... so you would spend 10 seconds casting Delay followed by the 3600 seconds minimum required for enchantments of 100 energy or less, total 3610 seconds?

M17 says it would take at least 1 hour to do any kind of Enchantment College spell (Quick and Dirty Method) no matter how low the cost is. So using it alone on the fly doesn't seem very safe/secure, so I'm wondering if you could prep it ahead of time to unleash later like this.

Delay has a -5 penalty if the subject of your spell is not present, so I think that would definitely apply. You'd also have to roll when it goes off to see whether or not it works (it won't go off ahead of time)

Since you pay the cost upfront, there's no benefit of a critical success costing 0 energy, although I'm not 100% sure if that would apply to Enchantment College spells or not.

Same Q for "Hang Spell" (M128) but it's more expensive than Delay (same 25 energy instead of 3) and takes a Concentrate to activate, while you might specify conditions for Delay to make it happen without your input.

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Default Re: Delay Spell (or Hang Spell) + Ceremonial Magic (including Enchantment)

It is unclear how ceremonial magic interacts with spells 'on'; arguably the circle disbanding means you can't maintain the spell, and if the delayed spell was cast by the circle, it's unclear whether delay must also be cast by the same circle or can be just cast by the primary caster.
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Old 10-06-2019, 10:56 PM   #3
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Default Re: Delay Spell (or Hang Spell) + Ceremonial Magic (including Enchantment)

Maybe it works like "Lend Spell"? M126 allows people who don't know spells to maintain a spell using their energy, the only restriction seems to be that you need required magery levels to have a spell requiring magery loaned to you.

So if you wanted to have your cult maintain a spell that requires Magery to cast, it'd probably require at least one of them to have Magery to maintain it for you when you choose to stop?

Or perhaps casting Lend Spell is just very important for handing over Ceremonial Magic to others' control?
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