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Default Re: Balancing HP

Originally Posted by Fred Brackin View Post
...if Gurps is going to have a realistic take on character mass it needs to have a "mass" stat and it should stop trying to use ST and/or HP for that purpose.

If you do try and use HP as a deteminer of mass in the "collision" formulas no human should have more than about 14 HP. This would harmonize with ST15(18 Arm) gorillas and ST 20 grizzly bears but would limit chargen in a dull fashion.
A different ST and Mass stat would make a lot of things doable (jumping, throwing, climbing, lifting characters/NPCs) with simple ST-to-Mass lookups on a universal table in play. Comparing ST to Mass on something related to the SSR table is a nice GURPSy way to approach a lot of this stuff.
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Default Re: Balancing HP

I came up with a system that separated Mass, Volume, and ST/HP from each other in this thread, with the system itself in this post. Been a while since I messed with it though; I'll dig in when I have some more time, see if I can't clean it up a bit.
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