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Default [Spaceships] Habitats & Shrinking PPL

I'm running a DF Steampunk campaign. One of the players is an artificer & built the party a nice SM+6 airship. I used spaceships to create it & for all the stats Ect... & it works well.

The party has decided to become Slavers/Monster-Slavers after reading the great article in pyramid 3-47. One PC is a Sorcerer & has learned a Shrink Affliction spell. He can shrink targets down to SM-6.

What I need help on is: How many shrunk prisoners can be accommodated in a standard bunk room?
Normally a bunk room holds 4 SM+0 ppl. What is the conversion rate?
Is there a RAW/Official answer? If not, can the Hive-Mind help?

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Default Re: [Spaceships] Habitats & Shrinking PPL

I don't think there is an official answer. By strait size conversion, the new bunk room could house 4000 of these SM -6 people: a 6 SM difference generally means 1/10 of the length of the creature, and thus 1/1000th of the volume and mass. However, that would only be the case if using a bunk-room sized for such people: which means cramped and crowded even at that size.

Its probably fair to use the square of the size change, not the cube, as the floor space increases like that without any added infrastructure. Bunk rooms usually also have bunks, so it may be fair to halve the number again without setting up little doll-sized bunks. Or not, as the bunks themselves can be used as living space.

So I'd say between 200 and 400 people can crowd in and sleep in the room.
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Default Re: [Spaceships] Habitats & Shrinking PPL

With accommodations that are well designed for a given SMs - making full use of available space - the number you can fit would scale by weight/volume, which in turn scale as the cube of linear dimension. For SM-6, assuming weight and life support requirements scale down linearly with volume, you can fit 1000x as many characters in a bunkroom/cell as you can SM+0 characters.
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Default Re: [Spaceships] Habitats & Shrinking PPL

Originally Posted by Tinman View Post
What I need help on is: How many shrunk prisoners can be accommodated in a standard bunk room?
Depends on whether you rebuild the bunk room as a bunch of SM-6 bunkrooms, or just keep it as a single bunkroom. Each floor in the new bunkroom can hold up to 400 people (1 / (scale)^2) and you can fit up to 10 floors in the bunkroom. Of course, then you have this hive of rooms that the PCs are too big to actually get into, which will make inventory management a problem.
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