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Default Re: The Fantasy Trip

Originally Posted by sir_pudding View Post
Isn't this already GURPS?
No. Steve's editorial in Roleplayer notes that GURPS is more a sibling than descendant.

Let's compare:
GURPS 4 prime (ST, DX, IQ, HT), 2 secondary (MA, PD), 3 pseudo-attributes (will, charisma, alertness), one character "type" (character; 2 if using G:B&B); skills (including skills, spells, superpowers), advantages, disadvantages. Two of the primes can be split readily (ST & HT), a third isn't explcitly splittable in anything I've got, but could be (DX). All rolls 3d6, difficulty adjusts target number. Every primary attribute, pseudo-attribute, and skills, advantages, powers, etc bought directly (tho' atts and skills combine to determine the target number)

TFT 3 prime (ST, DX, IQ), 2 secondary (MA, AdjDX), 3 types (Warrior, Wizard, Super); Talents, Spells, superpowers. Task rolls variable difficulty expressing how many dice to roll; combat is USUALLY 3d6, adjusting AdjDex.

Talents cover the GURPS Pseudo-attributes, as well as skills, and some advantages. IQ determines "slots", which were what was spent on talents and spells.

For me, an ideal TFT Deluxe would be:
  • Dragons of Underearth as a basic book, relaid out and prettified.
  • Combined AM, AW, ITL, and Lords of Underearth in the "Core Book".
  • In Tolenkar's Lair and the other GM adventure in a booklet, possibly with a new one.
  • All the microquests in a larger format (5x8 or 6x9, with larger text) either as cardstock covered booklets or bound into a single volume.
  • All 5 countersheets in decent chipboard, but relabeled so as to not be overlapping ID's. Add a 6th with the described but absent sizes. Like Horses.
  • a nicely redone version of the Fantasy Master's Codex, with Illos.
  • All the SpaceGamer articles in a single volume, perhaps bound into the corebook as appendices.

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