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Default Teleportation issues

I'm trying to create a Nightcrawler like teleportation effect. The easiest place to start of course is Psionics with Auto/Exo teleport.

The problem I'm having is linking the two together to allow the player to take people/objects with him as his only way to use Exo. From Psionics Skill only enhancements would only affect skill cost but since this radically affects the entirety of the power I was curious if it should affect the power cost as well, even if in reduced form. This is what I have (we use 3rd edition btw):

Base Cost 5per level
General limitation: Material in the space you teleport into does not exchange places with you it is pushed aside. -10%
Exoteleport limitations: Touch only -15%, Linked to Autoteleport +5%, Accessibility Must Be Used with Autoteleport -25%

Total Cost: 3pts per lvl.
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Default Re: Teleportation issues

Your using GURPS Third Edition?
If so you should put that in the title so you'll get accurate answers.
Default assumption here is Fourth Edition since that has been out since 2004.
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3rd edition, psionic powers

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