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Old 12-27-2012, 10:45 PM   #11
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Default Re: Streamline autofire rules for 3rd edition

The only thing I will add to this conversation, is that I became VERY unhappy with how GURPS handled the issue of those projectiles that missed their target.

Case in point: Take a double barreled shotgun and fire both barrels at a man standing in front of a horse. Then decide just what happened to all of the projectiles that missed the man (target) and goes on beyond to either hit stray objects, or perhaps hit the poor horse behind the target.

GURPS 4e projectile rules have their own set of issues. Seems like GURPS 3e rules had their issues, and the fix to those issues raised new issues when applied in GURPS 4e.

Six of one


Half a dozen of the other.

Pick your set of issues ;)
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Default Re: Streamline autofire rules for 3rd edition

IME, 4th Edition is much more playable than 3rd Edition was. The "single roll to determine the effect of autofire" is MUCH MUCH easier than 3rd Editions half dozen rolls. There are rules for missed shots (basically, a straight up 9- if a potential target is within a hex or so of the line of fire...gameable and reasonable, if not precise).
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3rd edition, autofire, house rules

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