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Default Speculating on RPK's new GURPS supplements

So far, this is what he has Twittered:

(17dec2011) #1: Doc
(18dec2011) Types of Doc: 1. Chemist, 2. Herbalist, 3. Medic, 4. Shrink
(19dec2011) #2: Hulk
(20dec2011) Types of Hulk: 1. Bruiser, 2. Heavy Gunner, 3-4. Melee Generalist/Specialist.
(21dec2011) #3: Hunter
(22dec2011) Types of Hunter: 1. Scout, 2. Sniper, 3. Sojourner, 4. Survivor
(23dec2011) 4. Nomad
(24dec2011) Types of nomad: 1-8. Driver (Various), 9-10. Rider (Lone/Team)
(25dec2011) 5. Scavenger
(26dec2011) Types of Scavenger: 1. Ghost, 2. Looter, 3. Thief, 4. Urban Explorer.
(27dec2011) #6. Tech
(28dec2011) Types of Tech: 1. Inventor, 2. Repairman, 3. Scientist, 4. Technophile

I don't have a good guess, other than that it appears to be some sort of modern setting, with "medic," "shrink," "heavy gunner" and "driver." There's a "ghost" as a Scavenger type, but that doesn't strike me as anything supernatural in context (I could see it as a scavenger that takes things without a trace, like a dryer takes socks), and that's the only remote hint of the supernatural in these so far.
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