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Default Cardboard Heroes Cavern Floors

Ancient sages say
The dungeons most worth seeking
Were made by Nature.
Ovate Celtillos
Since the dawn of roleplaying, there have been brave heroes willing to delve into dark, dangerous caverns -- and GMs sketching those caverns out on notebook paper. Over time, we developed new options, from graph paper to reusable mats and even graphic design software . . . but all of these have the fundamental issue of requiring plenty of work from an overburdened GM. When you already have to plan and run an adventure, in addition to the rest of your personal and work life, Cardboard Heroes Cavern Floors exists to make it all easier.

The "natural" equivalent to our recently re-released Cardboard Heroes Dungeon Floors, this set of printable modular tiles let you create a cave map as quickly and simply as you can move cardstock around a table top. Print the pages that you need, keep them handy, and reveal the underground world one piece at a time -- keeping your players in the dark until you're ready for them to see what's coming!

Don't get stuck sketching furiously an hour before the game is about to begin. Grab Cardboard Heroes Cavern Floors and free up your focus for the rest of the adventure.

Store Link:
Preview PDF:
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cardboard heroes

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