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Default Re: How does a Jet work ?

Originally Posted by Bruno View Post
That was the whole idea - but I'm getting told I should be Aiming (to get the accuracy bonus) and buying extra accuracy - but that isn't cheaper at all, it requires you to take an Aim action every turn - that's very expensive as it effectively halves damage output :/
Probably comes from my background, as I always assume less powerful wizards who wouldn't be slinging around that much stuff anyway, so given the usual fatigue cost they wouldn't be blasting left and right anyway (just like a lot of D&D wizards don't have that many Lightning Bolts prepared, too). Takes Extra Time is not uncommon in my Magic as Powers spell design.

Then again, "evokers" in high powered campaigns might as well have "Spellslinger".

(I'd still like a reference about the target point of lines, as that in turn confuses me a bit. End point? Any point?)
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