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Default [Spaceships]“Command Armor” Questions

Also known as core/shell mecha (see GURPS Mecha), in Spaceships this is a variation of the upper stage and small upper stage systems. With this feature, the mecha is surrounded by an outer shell that mounts supplementary systems. While the core mecha can be ejected easily, putting the command armor back on can be a time-consuming task!
Pyramid 3/40 “Mecha Operations” (p.6)
  • How “time-consuming”? According to GURPS Mecha p.107, “The core and the shell may rejoin into a combined mecha. This requires contact and takes two seconds.” ;)
  • Also, while Mecha Operations says to “omit a control room, as [the shell] will be slaved to the core vehicle,” and can be tele-operated after separation, could it also be operated from a backup control room in the shell?
  • If the “core vehicle” uses an “Extradimensional Interface” (SS7 p.8), it could effectively be from 2 to 7 SMs larger internally than the shell ... with power systems to match. How would this affect the power that the core vehicle could supply shell vehicle systems?
  • Finally, I'm thinking about using this design feature for a jump-sled/STL ship combination since the descriptions of upper stage systems say nothing about reattachment or sharing power. Can the core vehicle be streamlined if the shell is not? Could some core vehicle systems (like force screens, CG Lifters or Rotary Reactionless drives) be applied to the combined vehicle for reduced effect? (Or if the core has an “Extradimensional Interface” as above, for greater effect? Could a shell with a Stardrive carry a core with an EI?)
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