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Default A quick astrological question on Cabal decans

For kicks, I charted up several characteristics of the decans from GURPS Cabal, and for the most part everything was nicely symmetrical once the erratum concerning Malkuth/Hod for Atrax was sorted. However, there were a pair of asymmetries that jumped out at me, and I wonder if this is also an erratum, or if Ken Hite intended this curious diversion from the source material. Opinions sought.

Namely, for the most part the decans' planetary rulerships as described in Cabal follow the "Triplicity" astrological method, as can be seen at the Wikipedia page for the decans. The glaring exceptions are Saphathoraél (Water), which Cabal says is ruled by Venus but the Wikipedia page assigns to Jupiter, and Isrö (Air), which Cabal assigns to Jupiter but the Wikipedia page gives to Mercury.

From the Greek mythological standpoint, Jove ruling the air and Venus being associated to water are no-brainers, but Greco-Roman mythology doesn't really seem to have much to do with the Cabal cosmology in general, other than the simple existence of the beings in question as poor cousins of the Archangels and the Aethyrs. The book's assignments break a couple of symmetries that otherwise cover the entire diagram -- Jupiter being across from Mercury at every six months of the year, and Venus being opposite Mars, as Saturn is always across from Sun and Moon in alternating order.

Everything would be much more symmetric if Saphathoraél went with Jupiter and Isrö went with Mercury. The numbers and positionings of the planets around the year would work out quite nicely. On the other hand, maybe there's supposed to be a broken slash through the diagram. Your thoughts?
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